The Top 10 Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, email marketing is essential for building and nurturing relationships with your customers. To help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 email marketing best practices:   Build a targeted email list: Building a targeted email list means you have […]

5 Cold Email Blunders to Avoid for Sales Teams

In the world of sales, cold emails are a necessary evil. They can open doors, but they can also slam them shut just as quickly. So, how can you and your sales team avoid common cold email mistakes and keep those doors wide open? At MKC Agency, we know that ethical marketing goes hand in […]

Building Sequences in Hubspot

People often ask me what my most impactful content is. The truth is, as business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s hard to find time to create email content that makes a difference and captures your prospect’s precious attention! While Hubspot sequences might not be the most exciting endeavor on your to-do list, with proper mastery and […]

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Sales & Marketing

Chrome Extensions are superpowers for your written documents. They can help with everything from improving how effectively you prospect, how precisely you understand your targets and search terms, and even optimizing your documents for more compelling writing. (oooh, compelling—excellent suggestion, computer!) I’ve compiled a few of the most useful free chrome extensions to superpower your […]

How to Warm Up Your Domain for Email Campaigns

Advance warning: warming up a domain won’t require a heating pad, a warm mug of tea, or wool socks–we promise. It will, however, require some preparation, patience, and forethought. Similar to warming up your muscles before a workout to avoid injury, warming up a domain essentially means starting slowly when sending out emails from a […]

How To Get Your Marketing Emails Opened

The first thing that should be on your mind when creating an email marketing campaign is how to improve your open rate. Can you imagine if Moses climbed the mountain and came down without the tablets? That’s what it’s like when your emails don’t get opened, and customers walk away without having taken any value […]

Building an Email Marketing Strategy That Works

Subject: [Hello, Blog Reader!] It’s a tale as old as Netscape. Another email marketer, here to talk to you about something relatable and hopefully start a connection. As a reader, you know that an Email Marketing Strategy can be helpful (or at least entertaining) when it’s done right, but downright annoying when it’s done poorly. […]

B2B Email Marketing

Stepping into your power through B2B marketing is possible; there is nothing more exhilarating than selling your services successfully to prospective clients, and the fine art of selling that gets you from pitch to close lies within your communication strengths. In this article, let’s get into some tangible and easy B2B email marketing strategies to […]

10 Common Mistakes with B2B Technology Sales Emails

It’s no secret that B2B technology sales emails can be tricky, especially when it comes to subject lines. To help guide you in the right direction, we’ve put together this list of 10 common mistakes to avoid with your next marketing email to decision makers at your target companies and why you want to steer […]

6 B2B Cold Email Subject Lines That Get Responses

When it comes to B2B cold email outreach, your subject line can make or break your campaign. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering you have very little time to get someone’s attention. You can have the best offer in the world, but if you don’t get the recipient to open the email, […]