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CacheFly is a CDN that’s been in operation for more than 20 years and is headquartered in Chicago, IL. While still an entrepreneurial org, CacheFly had lofty goals for growth. They came to Megan in 2020 from LinkedIn. The CEO, Matt Levine, was concerned about the brand presence of the company. At the time, their website didn’t express its unique value, and they weren’t getting many inbound leads. Over the course of an 18-month project, Megan quadrupled revenue, 10xd inbound leads, built out a sales team, and completely rebranded the business. The CacheFly website is now one of Megan’s all-time favorite projects.

Megan was a gift to our company. She helped us define our vision and brand, and bring in more revenue. Glad to have had her.

Tech Stack Advising

Tech Stack Advising helps organizations save big on the sales tech they need to go to market including SalesForce and phone systems. They came to MKC without branding or a website, and we were happy to help them get started! Located in Central Florida, Adam has been an excellent client.

“I enjoyed working with MKC Agency on our new website. The team put in the long hours to ensure that our vision came to life in a website that is converting visitors to prospects and customers.”

Justine The Witch

Justine the Witch is a one-woman show. She is multi-talented and serves clients in a variety of ways. She reads Tarot cards, creates spells, and performs rituals for her patrons. At the same time, she is a skilled copywriter and blogger with a special knack for writing.No matter what service Justine the Witch provides, she helps her clients feel seen and heard.

“In all honesty, I cried when I looked at the images and posts and colors. It felt like my brand was growing up and fit the Justine the Witch that I am now, as opposed to when I began... All pastels and pinks, now it’s sultry and sexy and shadowy and has this depth. I would recommend MKC to anyone who is looking for branding and marketing because I feel like the staff takes the time to really see a company and find what they do and who they are and what their message is.”

JK Tech

JK Tech, an MSP specializing in legal and construction clients, faced declining revenue and fierce competition. They struggled with ineffective marketing and a lack of clear messaging.

"Working with MKC Agency was a game-changer for JK Tech. Their understanding of our challenges and their customized lead generation strategies were spot-on. The results were phenomenal – a $1 million revenue increase in 18 months. Their empathetic approach and consistent support were invaluable. MKC is more than an agency; they are a crucial part of our ongoing success."


ServIQ revolutionizes the way businesses purchase, maintain, and upgrade their equipment with their SMART support platform. Offering managed, assessment, recovery, and transition services, they provide a seamless, cost-effective support experience.

“Megan is the greatest strategic mind I've worked for in the B2B tech space. If you want to make moves, hire her, ASAP.”

Telecom One

Telecom One is a communications provider located in Wisconsin that simplifies complex tech stacks with the Power of ONE. They came to MKC Agency to build more pipeline through outbound efforts after relying on their referral network for decades. Confident their solutions work and armed with 100s of happy customers, Telecom One needed a GTM strategy to build on their strengths. MKC helped them touch up their website, build an outbound engine and start building content to position themselves as thought leaders.

"Megan has been a breath of fresh air. Great ideas with clear reasoning for the ideas."


In 2020, ThinkTech partnered with MKC Agency, recommended by Dean Trempelas. Our experienced team, led by Founder and CEO Megan Killion, worked closely with ThinkTech’s owner, Nathan Viveiros, as well as Melissa and Nichole from their team. Together, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy and executed an effective social media content plan.

Coven Cloud

MKC and Coven Cloud have been tied together since day one. We helped this social media platform launch a successful Kickstarter campaign, provided every piece of their brand kit, website, social media content, email marketing and more. We have been with them since day 1. From 0 followers to 22,000 followers on TikTok. From 1 user to 3500 users on the platform, and from 0 MRR to over $200/mo in ad revenue + over 10 monthly supporters. We are proud to be partnered with this meaningful startup and are excited to see where the future takes them.

“I've been working with Megan for a while now, her knowledge of marketing is incredible. She's taught me so much on the technology end and is super patient. I'm so grateful to have merged paths with her and her team!”

Local Orlando-Based MSP

In Orlando, a local MSP faced specializing in customized IT and cybersecurity services faced  a challenge: a stagnant flow of leads and few sales meetings. With competition increasing, they needed to move beyond organic growth. MKC Agency stepped in, offering a dedicated, US-based fractional SDR and innovative sales strategies via GlassHive. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, the MSP embraced the partnership. Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, MKC’s intervention led to a surge in meetings and vendor engagement. Levaraging GlassHive, they equipped the MSP, amplifying their sales iniciatives. 

"The MSP's Owner praised MKC for their flexibility, deep industry knowledge, and evident return on investment. The ease of the process and the tangible results stood out as reasons to continue and expand their partnership."


StreamGuys is a 20-year entrepreneurial streaming technology company. They help independent broadcasters monetize their content by giving them a channel to connect to audiences. With the growing popularity of streaming content like podcasts and on-demand services, the products StreamGuys offers are more in demand than ever. However, this led to an explosion in competitors.

“[We were most impressed with] Megan’s Knowledge. She is truly a sales and marketing genius. I would recommend Megan as a consultant and MKC Agency as an agency without hesitation."

Taylor Works

TaylorWorks, a standout IT support provider in Florida, specializes in offering unparalleled services to SMBs and mid-market firms, particularly in the medical and legal sectors. Their unique offerings, including the notable ‘TaylorWorks Mission Control’, set them apart in a competitive landscape. After their successful collaboration in 2015, Tim Taylor reconnected with Megan via LinkedIn. Recognizing the need for expert guidance to navigate the challenges of the MSP domain, they onboarded MKC. With Megan’s intimate understanding of the EOS model and MKC’s strategic insights, TaylorWorks experienced a significant surge in monthly meetings and enhanced vendor engagement. The transformative collaboration also introduced cutting-edge tools like GlassHive, amplifying their sales initiatives.

"Megan and MKC are more than just service providers; they are pivotal allies in our growth journey. Partnering with them has reinforced our strategic alignment and amplified our market reach."

Boston MSP

“You have to figure out who you are and who you’re talking to and create some foundational support for sales and marketing before you hire OR outsource these functions.” That was what our chief consultant, Megan, pinpointed as the core issue for this Boston-based MSP, which, at the time, with a solid $3 million achieved through referrals, still found themselves unable to scale further. 

Wth MKC’s unconventional approach, offering a collaborative effort rather than a hands-off solution, we were able to help deliver over $850K in new closed Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and an additional $1.2 million in the pipeline, which was expected to close within 9 months. This represented not just an increase in revenue but also a surge in productivity.

"The MSP highly recommends MKC Agency for their professionalism, knowledge, and tangible results. Impressed by the agency's genuine care for clients and commitment to social impact through talent training, the MSP views MKC as more than a service provider but as a partner for continuous growth."

BL King Consulting

BL King, a leading IT services provider specializing in government contracting, faced a pivotal challenge in marketing their unique value proposition. Drawn by Megan Killion’s renowned expertise in the MSP industry and her ability to craft tailored marketing strategies, BL King turned to MKC Agency.  

MKC Agency’s approach was to develop a comprehensive 90-day marketing plan that identified key differentiators and crafted a marketing plan that highlighted BL King’s expertise in cybersecurity and compliance, addressing the unique needs of government contractors. MKC Agency’s plan included targeted campaigns, refined messaging, and strategic content marketing efforts aimed at demonstrating BL King’s value proposition. strategies. Which led to a better utilization of their marketing budget, significantly increasing their meeting bookings and overall brand positioning.

"The 90 Day Marketing Plan was EXACTLY what I needed to make use of my existing marketing budget and agency. MKC Agency's expertise and tailored approach have not only transformed our marketing strategy but have also e empowered us to better serve our clients in the government contracting sector. Megan has gone so far as to send me videos explaining steps of the sales process I was struggling with. She is supportive, available, knowledgeable and kind MSP highly recommends MKC Agency for their professionalism, knowledge, and tangible results. Impressed by the agency's genuine care for clients and commitment to social impact through talent training, the MSP views MKC as more than a service provider but as a partner for continuous growth."
Bobby King, Owner

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