5 Cold Email Blunders to Avoid for Sales Teams

In the world of sales, cold emails are a necessary evil. They can open doors, but they can also slam them shut just as quickly. So, how can you and your sales team avoid common cold email mistakes and keep those doors wide open? At MKC Agency, we know that ethical marketing goes hand in hand with successful sales, and we’re here to help you achieve that balance.

Here are five cold email blunders you should train your sales team to avoid:


Overpromising ROI

While it’s tempting to throw around impressive numbers, ROI promises can come across as unrealistic or insincere in a cold email. Focus on addressing your prospect’s pain points and showing genuine understanding of their needs instead.


Long and Complex Emails

No one wants to read a long-winded email, especially when it’s unsolicited. Keep it short (25-50 words) and simple (5th-grade reading level) to increase your chances of getting a response.



Confidence is great, but coming across as overly self-assured can be off-putting. A more tentative approach can lead to better engagement and more responses.


Poor Subject Lines

Avoid using numbers, questions, first names, commands, or superlatives in your subject lines. Instead, opt for simple and straightforward subjects that don’t trigger spam filters.


Weak Call-to-Action (CTA)

Instead of a traditional CTA, consider using a Call-to-Engagement (CTE) that focuses on starting a conversation rather than pushing for immediate action. This approach can lead to better long-term engagement and relationship building.


Now that you know what to avoid, your sales team is ready to send cold emails that actually get responses! Want to learn more about how MKC Agency can help your sales team thrive? Book a consultation with us today.


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