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Our chief consultant has over 15 years of B2B tech sales and marketing expertise. Together, we at MKC have directly contributed to over $500 million in added revenue. Our dedication is to your growth – let’s join forces and elevate your MSP!

We help MSPs struggling with:

  • Limited Resources
  • Lack of Specialized Experience
  • Competitive Markets
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention 
  • Pricing Challenges
  • Managing Customer Expectations 
  • Sales Technology 
  • Messaging & Differentiation
  • Scaling Outbound
  • Talking to Customers

to achieve financial stability and growth with customized plans. 

Start with one of our packages, or book a consult to have something created, just for you.

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MSP Fractional CRO Services

Our Fractional CRO services provide a unique blend of strategic vision, cost-effective leadership, scalability, and enhanced sales growth. Utilize the value of broad market insights and tailored strategies that our Fractional CRO delivers.

Our services are packaged into three tiers – Starter, Advanced, and Premier – to meet your unique needs:

$4,500/ MONTH

Perfect for MSPs ready to ramp up revenue but just getting started budgeting for it. This package offers:

  • 1 Revenue L10/week
  • 2 Leadership L10s/month
  • Direct email access for ongoing support and industry insights

$7,750/ MONTH

Optimize your sales process and improve revenue generation with additional offerings:

  • Enhanced Revenue and Leadership Sessions
  • Full Accessibility to your Fractional CRO
  • Sales Team Coaching
  • Strategic and Planning Sessions
  • Weekly Time Blocks for Your Business
  • And more!

$12,500/ MONTH

Experience exponential growth and position your MSP for industry leadership with our ultimate offering:

  • Intense Revenue and Leadership Sessions
  • Full Accessibility via Multiple Platforms
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Weekly Time Blocks for Your Business
  • Sales Technology Recommendation and Implementation
  • KPI Monitoring and Reporting
  • And much more!

Outbound Engine Building - Lead Gen Packages

Fuel your growth with our Outbound Engine Building packages. Designed to transform your lead generation into a well-oiled machine, each package is tailored to fit your business size and ambitions.

What happens to MSPs when referrals start running out?
Do you let your pipeline wither?
Or do you call MKC?

Perfect for MSPs just starting with lead gen. Includes MQCs, optimized dialing hours, and monthly email campaigns. 

Billed at $1650/month

Supercharge your lead gen with additional features such as extra MQCs and dialing hours, GlassHive CRM, SQLs. Includes a dedicated SDR. 

$1850/month (after an initial $3000 fee)

Our premium outbound engine package for maximum results. More MQCs, intense dialing hours, and a whopping 40 SQLs. 

Billed at $1950/month (after a $4500 initial fee

Remember, these packages are for a limited time only. Don’t miss out on these unbeatable opportunities to skyrocket your MSP’s growth!

MSP Growth - Revenue Consulting

Energize your MSP’s go-to-market strategy with MKC’s Revenue Consulting Package. Ideal for clients with an internal team but lacking a coherent GTM strategy, this package offers deep insights and proven processes tailored to your MSP’s unique value proposition.

Here’s what the Revenue Consulting Package brings to the table:

Our experts will help define and refine your ICP to ensure your marketing and sales efforts are laser-targeted.

We’ll conduct a thorough SWOT analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the MSP landscape.

Understand your competitive standing and leverage this knowledge to sharpen your edge.

We’ll tailor a proven sales process to suit your MSP’s unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Equip your team with a detailed guide, outlining your sales strategy and tactics to ensure consistency and effectiveness in every interaction.

Our team will help you articulate a compelling UVP that distinguishes you in the marketplace.

We’ll help you set up a Customer Relationship Management system to streamline your sales process and customer interactions.

Jumpstart your marketing efforts with a tailored 90-day plan designed to increase visibility and generate leads.

We’ll create a scalable, repeatable marketing process to drive consistent results.

Strengthen your brand’s resonance with a clear vision and mission statement, amplifying your appeal to prospects and customers alike.

We’ll help you identify and strategize for your top 100 potential customers, laying a solid foundation for targeted outreach.

By investing in the Revenue Consulting Package, you’ll:

  • Build a robust GTM strategy, geared for success.
  • Empower your internal team with clear direction and strategies.
  • Drive efficient sales and marketing efforts with a clear ICP and UVP.
  • Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive market and competitor insights.
  • Improve sales and customer relations with an optimized CRM.
  • Ready to supercharge your sales and marketing strategy?

All for a one-time payment of $20,000. 

MSP Content Marketing Plan

Boost your MSP’s brand and online presence with our fully-featured MSP Marketing Bundle. This service is designed for MSPs aiming to enhance their digital footprint, create impactful connections, and generate more leads effectively. At $4500/month, you’ll gain access to a robust range of marketing assets, each carefully crafted to amplify your brand and accelerate business growth.


Our MSP Marketing Bundle includes:

1. Brand Kit: Establish a powerful and cohesive brand identity with our professionally designed brand kit. This includes a logo, color scheme, typography, and brand guidelines tailored to your MSP.

2. Content Marketing: Engage your target audience with expertly written content. You’ll receive 4 blog posts per month, carefully tailored to spotlight your MSP as a leader in your industry.

3. Email Marketing: Keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind with a monthly email blast. Each email is designed to nurture leads and create lasting connections.

4. Social Media Marketing: Boost your online presence with 12 custom social media posts per month. These posts are crafted to increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and foster community around your MSP.

5. Monthly Landing Page: Each month, we’ll create a fresh, professionally designed landing page to capture leads and drive conversions.

6. Sales and Marketing Material: To keep your content diverse and engaging, we’ll create one unique sales or marketing material each month. This could be a case study, checklist, white paper, or an exciting freebie.

Stand out from the crowd with our MSP Marketing Bundle. We’ll help you amplify your brand, connect with the right audience, and generate leads that drive business growth.

All-Inclusive MSP Scaling Plan

At MKC, we understand the MSP market like no other, and we’re offering a special deal on our comprehensive plan tailored to rapidly scale your MSP business. Our All-Inclusive MSP Scaling Plan, meticulously crafted by our chief consultant Megan Killion, encompasses strategic sales and marketing sprints planned out quarterly. $10,000 Onboarding, $7,500/mo 

The All-Inclusive MSP Scaling Plan includes:

  1. Custom Quarterly Sales & Marketing Sprints: Expertly designed by Megan Killion to drive momentum and deliver consistent results.
  2. Brand Kit: Establish a compelling, cohesive identity for your MSP with our comprehensive brand kit.
  3. Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Build: We’ll define and refine your ICP, enabling you to target your sales and marketing efforts more effectively.
  4. SWOT Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  5. Competitor Research: Stay ahead of the competition with in-depth research and insights.
  6. MSP Sales Playbook: Benefit from a sales playbook that’s tailored to your MSP, optimizing your sales process.
  7. Marketing Process Design: We’ll establish a consistent, effective marketing process to drive lead generation and customer engagement.
  8. “The List” Top 100 Targets: We’ll identify the top 100 prospects for your MSP, helping to focus your sales efforts where they’ll make the most impact.
  9. Content Marketing: While these plans are custom, they usually include 1 landing page, 1 email blast, 4 blog posts, and 12 social media posts per month. We work to keep your brand at the forefront of your target audience’s mind.
  10. Custom New Material Each Month: To keep your marketing fresh and engaging, we’ll create a unique piece of promotional material every month.

When you partner with MKC and opt for our All-Inclusive MSP Scaling Plan, you’re securing a path to accelerated growth and improved returns. You’ll enjoy comprehensive, tailored strategies, a powerful blend of sales and marketing tools, and the consistent support of our expert team.

Ready to take your MSP to the next level with our All-Inclusive MSP Scaling Plan?