Must Have Chrome Extensions for Sales & Marketing

Chrome Extensions are superpowers for your written documents. They can help with everything from improving how effectively you prospect, how precisely you understand your targets and search terms, and even optimizing your documents for more compelling writing. (oooh, compelling—excellent suggestion, computer!)

I’ve compiled a few of the most useful free chrome extensions to superpower your Google documents and streamline your workflow. MKC Agency uses these features daily in our outreach and resource building! Let’s get into it.



This app helps catch mistakes before you send them and also helps build great writing habits while you’re on the go. It is a powerful writing analysis tool that provides real-time feedback for your writing—improving clarity, grammar, formality, and comprehensibility!

It works on most in-screen documents, like LinkedIn or Google Docs. As you write, it scans the page for errors that spellcheck may not have noticed at first glance, as well as offering more advanced features for premium users. It will even detect your tone and give you feedback on how you might come across to a reader!

For more concise, active, and formal writing, give Grammarly a shot a try.


Keywords Everywhere

The story is in the name—Keywords Everywhere puts keywords, well, everywhere!

When conducting market research on Google, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube, the Keywords Everywhere extension provides valuable insight into related terms, popular tags, and global metrics for whatever it is you are searching

Keywords Everywhere is a powerful tool, as it means you no longer need to switch between tools to gather and appropriately implement your marketing criteria. Simply surf the web as you already do, and information will populate the side of your page, helping you better understand the market you are attempting to penetrate. Data can be neat!



This one is a little niched but undoubtedly helpful in the Tech B2B sector. Intricately is a sales and data platform that aids in cloud sales and marketing. The platform gives your marketing and sales teams an at-a-glance look into the monthly spending budget, total usage, and overall adoption of cloud technologies. With intuitive on-screen tools, Intricately allows you to better leverage and predict revenue opportunities.

By forecasting clients, you can simplify the process of identifying target accounts through Intricately’s insight into your target’s product adoption, IT spend, and more.

In short, it offers you an inside look into your prospect’s tech and associated spending costs before you sell. After all, an informed pitch is a more effective pitch.


Tracked for Basecamp

Basecamp is a powerful tool for corralling teams for visually understanding, collaborating on, and implementing projects. Tracked, a free extension for Basecamp, allows the app to become even more streamlined through tags for projects and directing attention to where it is most needed.

Is a project stuck waiting for some crucial data? Tag the project “Needs Information!” Is a team member waiting on vital help from another? “Needs Help!” if your blog is ready to post, except it needs a quick brush over? “Proofread!”

Tracked works seamlessly with Basecamp to provide insights, labels, estimates, and reports—all without having to leave the app.



Writing hard-hitting messages is a chore, but not doing so may lose you valuable sales leads or individuals you want to bring into your organization.

Poseidon is a free writing/networking app that allows you to message leads quickly with personalized, battle-tested quips, introductions, and connection requests. Track documents and know exactly when they’ve viewed them—business and outreach as one concise tool.

Use their built-in templates, or customize your own based on tags. This tool is essential for recruiters who want to take their LinkedIn outreach to the next level.



If your password has ever been “12345”, this app is for you.

Sharing passwords across multiple devices is a pain, not to mention impossible at the business organization level. Texting, writing down, or copying/pasting passwords from shared documents is a serious cyber security breach, not to mention unwieldy. LastPass serves as your virtual vault, keeping your passwords secure and accessible within the organization.

With the app installed for either personal or professional use, password boxes will populate with known passwords for the site, allowing you to quickly and efficiently log in on any device which shares master access.

Joining a new website or service? LastPass will generate a strong password and continually monitor the dark web to ensure no data breaches have occurred. Go digital with your security!


Just Read

Does the very article you’re reading look more like Times Square with distracting ads plastered high and low? Just Read can help.

The app fine-tunes web pages by extracting all of the written content at the click of a button. Simply find the page you want to “just read”, hit the button, and presto—no more overwhelming distractions!

Just Read is a fantastic tool for getting to the meat of blogs, recipes, main website content, and more. It might not make your research any more fun, but it’ll certainly make it simpler.


I hope these free apps help you get more out of your workday. Simplifying even the most basic of processes frees up your time to focus on problem areas, and keeping organized means everything in a digital business world that is becoming increasingly remote.

For more tips, consider booking a meeting! I love walking through clients what I’ve learned and what may help them succeed.