About Our Founder

Megan Killion, B2B Sales and Marketing Leader

While the “Agency” in MKC Agency takes the center stage, Megan Killion’s experience remains a core part of what we do. 

Her background in marketing, tech consultation, community engagement, and sales team training resulted in several brands crossing the $50+ million evaluation threshold, along with the organization and optimization of countless sales team growth periods.

Megan Killion MSP Sales Marketing Consultant
Chief Consultant

With her insight into what engages customers, scales businesses, and drives revenue growth, Megan has built the MKC Agency around core values that impact every brand we touch. If authenticity, ethics, and growing revenue matter to your brand, we’re the agency for you. Megan continues to work 1:1 with select brands while assisting project managers in their strategy development.

Working with a pro doesn’t have to be a drag. With the MKC Agency team, you receive expert eyes on your projects at all times—from ideation to deployment. Her ethics of transparency, honesty, and compassionate collaboration define the scope of the full-stack marketing she provides to all of her clients.

Get in touch today to experience what a pioneer in digital marketing can do for your B2B organization.

Meet The Team

Nathalia Fontenelle

Nathalia is our feisty and fabulous Marketing Director. She has extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales Support, Branding, Intelligence Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising, and Event Organization in Telecom, CDN, Edge Compute, and IaaS. When she’s not kicking butt and taking names at MKC Agency, she can often be found talking about her second passion,  kicking literal butt in Muay Thai. 

Marketing Director
Nathalia Fontenelle Marketing
Mariana Lisboa MKC Agency Marketing Project Manager

Mariana (Mari) Lisboa

Elevated from her pivotal role as our Executive Assistant, Mari now spearheads as the Sales & Marketing Project Manager at MKC. With her unwavering determination, she ensures that projects align with our vision and are executed seamlessly. An advocate for continuous learning, Mari is also an avid Psychology student. She finds joy in concerts, cherishing moments with friends, and firmly believes that the world runs smoother with transparent communication. After all, her mantra is: clear communication is the linchpin of success.

Sales & Marketing Project Manager
Alex James deaf DEI

Alexandria (Alex) James

Alex has spoken to your mom, and they both know that your business needs to scale. A proud and empowered member of the Deaf community, Alex greatly values the inclusivity at MKC, especially with our Chief Consultant’s ability to sign. An alumnus of Boston College, she’s our go-to Marketing Account Manager. If she can win your mom over, just think of the magic she’ll weave for your business!

Marketing Project Manager
Meghan Lerdo SDR

Meghan Lerdo

Diving deep into research, cold calls, and emails, Meghan is the go-to SDR at MKC, consistently linking prospects with the unmatched solutions of MKC and our clients. When she’s not pioneering sales strategies, Meghan immerses herself in philosophy readings, crafts art through knitting and painting, and jams to metal tunes. As a devoted mom to three and an avid Bill Murray film enthusiast, she seamlessly balances work, family, and her love for the “Your Mom’s House” podcast. Adventure? Just ask her about motorcycles and beach escapades.

Sales Development Lead

Thamires (Thami) Oliveira

Thami brings an enthusiastic touch to her role as Megan’s indispensable Executive Assistant. Whether you need to connect with our team or schedule some time, she’s your go-to person. Beyond her stellar administrative skills and Psychology academic path, Thami transforms into a skilled makeup artist on the weekends. During her downtime, you’ll find her enjoying the company of her furry friend and savoring some delicious French fries – hold the bacon, though; she’s a proud vegetarian!

Executive Assistant
Steve SDR Cold Call MSPs

Stephen (Steve) Nelson

Transitioning from the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, Steve Nelson embraced a career metamorphosis with open arms. As a top graduate of the MKC sales academy, Steve’s enthusiasm for setting meetings is unmatched, especially when aiding MSPs. Beyond his professional zeal, he’s a devoted father, bringing the same level of dedication and love to his family as he does to securing opportunities for MKC’s clients. With Steve, every call is a step towards success, both for our partners and for his own transformative journey.

Fractional SDR

Stacey Aiken

Bringing over three decades of MSP and Channel experience, Stacey Aiken joins MKC Agency as the Director of Sales Empowerment and Client Innovation. Originally from New York and now residing in South Florida, she ventured into B2B tech sales in 1995, excelling in sales development and training solutions. Stacey is renowned for her exceptional ability to build relationships and her dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, ensuring she delivers tailored, impactful solutions to our clients. Her extensive skills in sales and account management foster long-lasting partnerships and drive success. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys spending time with her family, especially her three daughters and grandson, relishing 80s music and movies, and unwinding through cooking, baking, and reading. Her favorite quote, “It is the moment of decision that you shape your destiny,” underscores her commitment to excellence in every facet of her life.

Director of Sales Empowerment and Client Innovation

Hugh Bennett

Hugh Bennet is a recent college graduate with a passion for nature, music, and connecting with people. While indulging his wanderlust with a nomadic lifestyle, he’s also diving into the world of sales as a Fractional Sales Development Representative (SDR). With his guitar always by his side, Hugh brings a unique blend of creativity and sales savy to his work. Outside of the office, you’ll find him strumming tunes in nature or exploring the great outdoors.

Faa'izah Dewry-Hanson

Introducing Faa’izah, our dynamic Fractional SDR (Sales Development Representative) who embodies abundant passion and expertise. With experience in finance and real estate project management, she’s joined the world of sales and is pursuing her cybersecurity certifications (including CompTIA Security+ and Google Cybersecurity Professional). Faye exemplifies a commitment to continuous learning and growth. She’s also a fervent reader and coffee mug collection enthusiast. Faa’izah’s diverse interests and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team. 

Megha Sharma

Megha Sharma, our Director of Sales & Marketing Operations, is a powerhouse of strategy and efficiency, seamlessly integrating the worlds of sales and digital outreach. With a remarkable track record of setting over 400 client meetings, Megha wields her expertise in HubSpot and the nuances of LinkedIn like an artist, creating opportunities where others see dead ends. Her passion for travel injects a global perspective into her work, ensuring our strategies are as worldly and inviting as the destinations she explores. Megha doesn’t just navigate territories; she conquers them, turning every challenge into a new map for success.

Director of Sales & Marketing Operations

Candace Black

Candace Black is not your everyday account manager. With over a decade of experience, she infuses a touch of spirituality into every business engagement, whether leading her venture, Soul Trine, or amplifying revenues for MKC clients through her insightful strategies and influential blogs. Responsible for contributing over $10 million in client revenue, Candace’s unique approach transcends the conventional, turning every business interaction into a journey of growth and discovery.

Account Manager & Copywriter

Max Boden

Do you know what Max does here at MKC? He maximizes your SEO for maximum visibility. If you’re looking to rank higher on search engines, then Max is your guy. Max is the best SEO Specialist there is. You know how we know that? Because he’s ours.

SEO Consultant

Stephanie Brandt

When she’s not capturing life’s moments through her lens as a professional photographer, Stephanie Brandt channels her creativity into methodical outreach for MKC. A proud two-time graduate of MKC Agency’s sales training, Stephanie skillfully balances motherhood with her passion for driving client growth. Preferring the thoughtful approach of email and LinkedIn outreach, she dedicates her talent to 1-2 clients at a time, ensuring each receives her undivided attention and expertise. With Stephanie, every interaction is a masterpiece waiting to be uncovered.

MidLevel Fractional SDR & Product Photographer

Tiffany Harness

Tiffany believes in strong relationships, and it shows in her work as Technical Writer. That’s because she wants your relationship with your clients to thrive just as much as your relationship with us. When she’s not burning the midnight oil on a current project, you can find her at cool concert venues or exploring weird touristy places around the California desert.

Ashley (Ash) Bordieux

 When Ashley isn’t spending time with her plants or trying to figure out a way to make them talk to her and pay her, she’s working aalongside Megan to find solutions for sales and marketing problems. She strives to help business founders reclaim their lives, and she promises to try and not make it awkward.

Lauren Manicke

On any given day, Lauren can be found bursting with creativity and ready to take on anything. One of her greatest passions is working with small businesses and startups, and helping them find their true branding. At MKC Agency, Lauren uses her creativity and passion in her role as Creative Director. Lauren also leads our graphic design and social media teams.  

Creative Director & Social Media Manager

John Pomeroy

The only thing more glorious than John’s beard is his video editing and graphic design capabilities. Do you want a music video? Or maybe you’re in the market for a pop art, Andy Warhol-esque logo design. Whatever your company needs, John can get it done, and get it done with elegance and class. Seriously, just look at his beard!
Video Editor

Lisa (Ark) Arkanea

Lisa’s brain is awash in a storm of ideas, graphics, and just general awesomeness. Her passion is creating custom illustrations and logos for your brands. She is the Graphic Designer extraordinaire at MKC Agency. You don’t have to be jealous that she’s with us because if you give us a call, she can pick your brain and create the coolest logo you’ll ever see.

Senior Graphic Designer

Derrick Soares

With over 15 years of sales, engineering, and management expertise, Derrick is a results-oriented technical professional. One of his favorite things in life is to help clients realize their goals. At MKC, Derrick is our primary technical support, and when he’s not telling us to “turn it off and back on again” he’s figuring out incredibly in’depth technical solutions four our team and customers alike. 

IT Director

Malia Martin

Malia is as amazing as she is mysterious. She came to us on whispering winds, and like the Bermuda Triangle, we’re still unsure if she’s real or just a figment of our imagination. We’re just kidding. Not about Malia being amazing though because she’s definitely that. This recent college grad is our resident WP Web Developer, and we are so lucky to have her.
Jr WordPress Developer

Molly Hogan

Molly is an organized perfectionist, and we love her for it. With all these creatives running around, someone has to make sure the bills are paid, and accounts are balanced. Molly is as sweet as she is lovely, and we can’t say enough how proud we are to have her as part of the team. When the need arises, she’s also a wiz at WordPress development.

Accountant and WordPress Developer
Corey Real Video Engineer

Corey Real

A maestro behind the lens and soundboard, Corey is the driving force behind MKC Agency’s compelling video marketing campaigns. A proud alumnus of the University of Tampa, he now calls Orlando home, sharing it with his wife and trio of spirited dogs. When he’s not sculpting visual and auditory masterpieces for our clients, Corey passionately volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, contributing to the construction of over 20 homes in the Orlando community. His engineering prowess in both the digital and real world is a testament to his dedication and talent.

Audio Video Engineer

Michelle Travis

After taking some time away from the daily grind to raise her children and persue her passion for playing the Golden Girls theme song on theremin for underprivileged marmots, Michelle is back with vengeance. You can find her over at MKC where she’s turned in her theremin for a Digital Marketing Specialist role, and we couldn’t be happier to have her. 

Digital Marketing Specialist
Jason Lew Software Sales

Jason (Jay) Lew

With a rich tapestry of experience woven from media buying, real estate, and tech landscapes, Jason truly found his North Star in the realm of tech sales. This Vancouver native seamlessly bridges the gap between innovative products and the very people they’re designed for, ensuring clarity and mutual benefit. As a devoted husband and father, Jason’s pursuit of continuous learning extends to his personal life too; he’s often found deep in the pages of professional development books, always seeking to refine his craft. At MKC Agency, Jason’s mantra is clear: “Making your product resonate profoundly with your buyer.”

Senior Fractional SDR

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