About Our Founder

Megan Killion, B2B Sales and Marketing Leader

While the “Agency” in MKC Agency takes the center stage, Megan Killion’s experience remains a core part of what we do. 

Her background in marketing, tech consultation, community engagement, and sales team training resulted in several brands crossing the $50+ million evaluation threshold, along with the organization and optimization of countless sales team growth periods.

CEO & Founder

With her insight into what engages customers, scales businesses, and drives revenue growth, Megan has built the MKC Agency around core values that impact every brand we touch. If authenticity, ethics, and growing revenue matter to your brand, we’re the agency for you. Megan continues to work 1:1 with select brands while assisting project managers in their strategy development.

Working with a pro doesn’t have to be a drag. With the MKC Agency team, you receive expert eyes on your projects at all times—from ideation to deployment. Her ethics of transparency, honesty, and compassionate collaboration define the scope of the full-stack marketing she provides to all of her clients.

Get in touch today to experience what a pioneer in digital marketing can do for your B2B organization.

Meet The Team

Nathalia Fontenelle

Nathalia is our feisty and fabulous Marketing Director. She has extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales Support, Branding, Intelligence Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising, and Event Organization in Telecom, CDN, Edge Compute, and IaaS. When she’s not kicking butt and taking names at MKC Agency, she can often be found talking about her second passion,  kicking literal butt in Muay Thai. 

Marketing Director

Mariana Lisboa

At MKC, Mari is our loyal and determined Executive Assistant. She helps us keep everything organized and easy. Need to book some time? She’s your go-to. Outside, she’s a fascinated Psychology student, that loves spending her free time at concerts or just laughing with her friends. One of her top beliefs is that communication really is key!

Executive Assistent

Alex James

Alex has spoken to your mom, they both know that your business needs to scale, and Alex is the one to help you do it. Alex is our Marketing Account Manager, and there’s no one better. If she can get your mom on her side, imagine what she could do for your company!

Marketing Account Manager

Lauren Manicke

On any given day, Lauren can be found bursting with creativity and ready to take on anything. One of her greatest passions is working with small businesses and startups, and helping them find their true branding. At MKC Agency, Lauren uses her creativity and passion in her role as Creative Director. Lauren also leads our graphic design and social media teams.  

Creative Director

Michelle Travis

After taking some time away from the daily grind to raise her children and pursue her passion for playing the Golden Girls theme song on the theremin for underprivileged marmots, Michelle is back with a vengeance. You can find her over at MKC where she’s turned in her theremin for a Digital Marketing Specialist role, and we couldn’t be happier to have her.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Max Boden

Do you know what Max does here at MKC? He maximizes your SEO for maximum visibility. If you’re looking to rank higher on search engines, then Max is your guy. Max is the best SEO Specialist there is. You know how we know that? Because he’s ours.

SEO Specialist

Kai Simon

Kai’s passion lies in brainstorming. She loves being creative, strategizing, and providing feedback on other team suggestions. If you are looking for a motivated, diligent team player, she’s your girl. In her spare time, she loves listening to music and can actually do so for hours on end.

Copywriter & Editor

John Pomeroy

The only thing more glorious than John’s beard is his video editing and graphic design capabilities. Do you want a music video? Or maybe you’re in the market for a pop art, Andy Warhol-esque logo design. Whatever your company needs, John can get it done, and get it done with elegance and class. Seriously, just look at his beard!
Video Editor

Lisa Arkanea

Lisa’s brain is awash in a storm of ideas, graphics, and just general awesomeness. Her passion is creating custom illustrations and logos for your brands. She is the Graphic Designer extraordinaire at MKC Agency. You don’t have to be jealous that she’s with us because if you give us a call, she can pick your brain and create the coolest logo you’ll ever see.

Graphic Designer

Ashley Bordieux

When Ashley isn’t spending time with her plants and trying to figure out a way to make them talk to her and pay her, she’s working alongside Megan to find solutions for sales and marketing problems. She strives to help business founders reclaim their lives, and she promises to try and not make it awkward.

Sales Representative

Tiffany Harness

Tiffany believes in strong relationships, and it shows in her work as Technical Writer. That’s because she wants your relationship with your clients to thrive just as much as your relationship with us. When she’s not burning the midnight oil on a current project, you can find her at cool concert venues or exploring weird touristy places around the California desert.

Technical Content Writer

Derrick Soares

With over 15 years of sales, engineering, and management expertise, Derrick is a results-oriented technical professional. One of his favorite things in life is to help his clients realize their goals. At MKC, Derrick is our primary technical support, and when he’s not telling us to “turn it off and back on again,” he’s figuring out incredibly in-depth technical solutions for our team and our customers alike.
Technical Support

Malia Martin

Malia is as amazing as she is mysterious. She came to us on whispering winds, and like the Bermuda Triangle, we’re still unsure if she’s real or just a figment of our imagination. We’re just kidding. Not about Malia being amazing though because she’s definitely that. This recent college grad is our resident WP Web Developer, and we are so lucky to have her.
WordPress Developer


Molly is an organized perfectionist, and we love her for it. With all these creatives running around, someone has to make sure the bills are paid, and accounts are balanced. Molly is as sweet as she is lovely, and we can’t say enough how proud we are to have her as part of the team. When the need arises, she’s also a wiz at WordPress development.

Accountant and WordPress Developer

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