Our Story

Building a brand out of nothing is no unfamiliar task to Megan Killion – it is how her entire consulting career began.

Losing her mother, bringing a set of twins into the world, and competing in a highly stressful corporate environment is not how she pictured those formative professional years of sleepless nights and challenging lessons.

Instead of burning out, she turned to consultation to offer her expertise on more flexible terms. In doing so, she discovered a bridge between B2B companies and an eager market—a bridge paved by high-conversion content, people-first marketing, and a process informed by leveraging human interest.

Megan’s work emphasizes communication. Highly technical software and process solutions do not require wordy or complicated descriptions and marketing. It takes an understanding of audiences, industries, behavior psychology, and director-level objectives. We’re problem-solvers for our clients in the same way B2B businesses are problem-solvers for theirs—it’s all about connection.

In 2021, after joining a client for 18 months to directly spearhead their go-to-market as the VP of Sales & Marketing, Megan decided once again to dip her toe into the world of entrepreneurship. She founded MKC Agency. While there are many agencies in the market, none are so focused on B2B technology with a first-hand understanding of CDN, infrastructure, telecom, digital security, and edge computing. She brought in our Director of Marketing, Nathalia Fontenelle, early on, and from there, we have been growing not only our own agency but our clients!


To prove that ethical sales & marketing is as scalable and effective as legacy revenue acquisition practices, while elevating marginalized talent.


Scale 100 MSPs revenue with ethical sales & marketing practices while elevating 100 employees out of poverty.  

Core Values

Candor & Authenticity

We are honest with one another, even when it’s ugly. We value honesty over comfort.

Family First

Not only do we allow you to prioritize your family,    self-care, health, and sanity, we require it.

Gratitude & Positivity

We thank each other for the work that we do. We look for the good. Praise in public, and constructive criticism in private.


We are better today than yesterday. We focus on improving daily through positive reinforcement, on-the-job training, reading, and courses!

Ethical Excellence

We commit to surpassing expectations with honesty and superior quality, ensuring every promise is kept and every outcome reflects our highest standards. 

Integrity & Excellence

We promise, we deliver

At MKC, our word is our bond. We pledge to deliver nothing but the best, and we stand by this promise with every client engagement.

Acting with integrity

Integrity is at the core of all we do. We act ethically, delivering on our commitments and ensuring our actions align with our words.

Surpassing expectations

Our aim is to not just meet but exceed client expectations. We strive for excellence in every task, ensuring top-quality results.

Ethical, honest approach

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our work, maintaining transparency and honesty in all our interactions.

Plan to Scale, and Scale to Plan