More Leads For Your Sales Team

Our Background

MKC Agency’s founder, Megan, started her CDN career as a BDR. Within two months, she hit forty qualified meetings a month, and coached her team to 100% quota attainment within six months. By doing this, she was able to help the company Highwinds build the pipeline that contributed to them being acquired by StackPath. 

Since then, she’s brought the same skillsets to multiple organizations, empowering their sales teams and offering her lead generation skills to companies worldwide. Whether you need help creating lists, help with outbound or full-service lead generation, our team has you covered! If you need more leads in your pipeline, you need us

How You Benefit

Sales is about the buyer. Not the seller. 

Our process includes uncovering your unique value proposition, ideal customer profile, and various buying personas. From there, we engineer outbound sequences, A/B test, and tweak as necessary to build a front-of-pipeline system that puts high-quality leads in your salespeople’s hands. 

With a full-service lead generation package, you receive leads that are not only qualified to buy but whom we’ve already made interested in your service offering– making your sales team’s job much more manageable. 

For larger teams willing to do more of the work themselves, we can use the same process to simply create lists that have indicators your unique value proposition will appeal to them, have shown buying signals, or fit your ideal customer profile to give your outbound sales team a leg up over the competition. 

We can also create custom packages somewhere in the middle based on your goals, budget, and timeline.

Effortlessly fill your funnel
Lead Gen Packages for SaaS, CDN, and Cloud

B2B Tech MQL Nurture

$ 5250 /Month
  • B2B social prospecting via LinkedIn only. This is for generating leads and nurturing to MQL status only.
  • LinkedIn outreach campaign with up to 3X audience segments
  • LinkedIn campaign features
  • Custom expert-written copy
  • 10-15 marketing qualified leads (*MQLs) per month
  • Integration with your team: Slack, Basecamp, Salesforce, Hubspot - We'll Match Your Workflow.
  • All lead data is yours to keep
  • LinkedIn profile review and improvement
  • Performance report
  • Copy written by a B2B tech expert in telcom, CDN, SaaS or cloud services
  • Existing marketing materials organized into your custom dashboard with branded covers.

SQL Funnel Filler

$ 8000 /Month
  • B2B comprehensive managed prospecting to *SQL level and appointment setting using email, LinkedIn outreach, and buyer-intent intelligence.
  • Everything in MQL nurture plus:
  • Automated email campaign with up to 3X audience segments.
  • Fully managed prospecting conversations in LinkedIn and email to nurture leads.
  • Comprehensive sales team:
    Content writers, sales rep, and senior manager for quality assurance.
  • 10-15 SQLs per month
  • Buyer intent signals used to find the most relevant and in-market targets, fast.
  • 2X custom integrations with your CRM, meeting schedulers, and marketing platforms.
  • Performance reviews: weekly, monthly and quarterly (as required)
  • Lead data and emails for use in your own marketing campaigns.
  • Data of up to 1,000 contacts/mo depending on market size.

Starter Automation

$ 1000 /Month
  • We automate an outbound cadence for you, and send it from your LinkedIn OR Email account. Replies are not monitored by MKC and are the clients responsibility to reply and nurture. We optimize monthly for better results. Price is for one cadence to one segment on one channel.
  • Professionally written sales copy.
  • Up to 5 marketing pieces installed in your dashboard.
  • Direct access to your dashboard.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator required for LinkedIn cadences.
  • Basic reporting functionality.
  • Outbound software included for one user
  • List Item

Verified Lead Lists

From $2.50 /Lead
  • Pricing dependent on your ICP. An ICP build can be added for $1000
  • Delivered within 7 days
  • Leads meet your parameters
  • $1000 minimum spend

Need Clarification?

Absolutely! The price you pay is based on which package you’re in.

Additional audience segments are available for MQL Nurture for $700/mo or SQL Funnel Filler for $1500/mo. 

Additional campaigns including 3X segments are $2000/mo in MQL Nurture or $4000/mo in SQL Funnel Filler. 

You can also add an audience segment to the same campaign via email for $700/mo in SQL Funnel Filler. 

Need something else? Never be afraid to ask!

Campaign Assets

  • Campaign specific landing page + lead nurturing sequence
  • Campaign specific one/two page PDF
  • Campaign specific meeting scheduler landing page

LinkedIn Social Advertising

  • Social Pay-Per-Click Campaign
  • 4-week long campaign
  • Regular advertising maintenance

Many other service offerings can be found on our website

You can always upgrade. Contracts are for 12 months so, excepting serious, unavoidable issues, we hold customers to their contracts.