Must Have Chrome Extensions for Sales & Marketing

Chrome Extensions are superpowers for your written documents. They can help with everything from improving how effectively you prospect, how precisely you understand your targets and search terms, and even optimizing your documents for more compelling writing. (oooh, compelling—excellent suggestion, computer!) I’ve compiled a few of the most useful free chrome extensions to superpower your […]

B2B Tech Consulting: Helping Budgets and Tech Stacks

B2B technology consulting firms play an important role in helping companies reduce and better manage their budget and improve their tech stacks. To do so, consultants highlight the best parts of B2B technology stacks to create efficient strategies of implementations to adapt these tools to the needs and processes of the companies. Let’s understand how […]

What is B2B Tech Consultation?

What is B2B Tech Consultation?

It has been said that in the 21st century that “all businesses are technology businesses.” The problem becomes that not all technologies are created equally. Perhaps a better way of starting today’s discussion would be to say that “not all technology strategies are created equally.” There is no shortage of new products on the market […]