Harnessing the Power of Quora and Medium for Thought Leadership & Lead Generation

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time as a marketing consultant, it’s that not all platforms are created equal. Today, we’re going to dive deep into two platforms that you might not be fully leveraging yet: Quora and Medium.   The Q&A Goldmine: Quora Let’s start with Quora, a bustling hub of curiosity […]

International Womens Day: Top Female Leaders to Follow

March 8th marks the 112th year of celebrating International Women’s day. 112 years of fighting for gender equality and anti-discrimination for women worldwide. We have made it far, but challenges still arise for women and it is important now more than ever to make our voices heard. Women have not always had the opportunity to […]

What Makes a Great Marketing Leader?

What Makes A Great Marketing Leader Many marketers are good at what they do; marketers generally excel at communications, maintaining and fostering fantastic client relationships, and understanding branding and social media concepts. On the other hand, great marketing leaders set themselves apart and demarcate their services within the industry by excelling at understanding what is […]

Becoming A Thought Leader (Even if you don’t see yourself as one)

You’ve probably heard the term “Thought Leader” and raised a brow, either in curiosity or doubt. Most of us have been there. Let’s start from the bottom and work to the top! Discover the Thought Leader Within The concept of a Thought Leader exists in various forms and wavelengths, with one common thread: to lead […]

“The” List: How to Build It

“The list” is your outbound strategy. Don’t underplay it. In an ideal world leadership will have “the list” built before they hire sales and set them loose. But that isn’t always the case. So on top of individual list building, the ability to create a highly-targeted list of prospects for the org is a key […]

10 Reasons You Should Outsource Marketing

Rather listen to this content? Check it out on BuzzSprout? Marketing can feel like an art and a science, which is also very time-consuming and tricky to get right. This is why many founders choose to outsource their marketing needs rather than learning all the ins and outs of promotion themselves. Here are 10 reasons […]

Investing in Employee’s Professional Development

Would you rather listen to this blogpost, check it out on BuzzSprout. Business success is attributed to many things, but retaining your employees and allowing them to grow is the foundation for a productive workforce. Employee retention is vital, which is why investing in their professional development is essential to success. The benefits of employer-sponsored professional […]