International Womens Day: Top Female Leaders to Follow

March 8th marks the 112th year of celebrating International Women’s day. 112 years of fighting for gender equality and anti-discrimination for women worldwide. We have made it far, but challenges still arise for women and it is important now more than ever to make our voices heard. Women have not always had the opportunity to have their one credit card or vote, much less to be the fearless leaders we see today. We have gathered some great female leaders to showcase this women’s day. 

Alexis Scott 

CEO of The Fairy Job Mom isn’t even the most exciting fact about this female leader! She excels in connecting with people on all levels, helping wherever there is a need. With skills in communication, marketing, and leadership. She uses these to create her own business that connects companies with great talents. Alexis also helps companies with their own personal marketing strategies and has the know-how to make startups succeed. She is the perfect liaison between those searching for their next role and new business needing great connections. Check out more about Alexis Scott on Linkedin or on her website!  

Heidi Briones

Heidi describes herself as the “north star” your startup needs, and she isn’t wrong! Her business, Lady Polaris, connects and consults new businesses to help them achieve their goals. All work and no play makes a dull bio though. Heidi has worked in all sorts of fields, lived in Taiwan and South Korea, learned languages, and ran for congress. She uses the experiences from her life to be adaptable, unique, and a one-woman powerhouse when it comes to matching candidates to startups. Not one to shy away, follow Heidi Briones on LinkedIn

Katelyn Bourgoin

The queen of customer marketing. She helps businesses know who they are selling to and how to sell to them. Her years in the game give her an untouchable edge. Even Forbes knows she is the real deal and featured her as one of the top 20 wonder women of SaaS. Not only Forbes, Katelyn has also been recognized in USA Today, HuffPost, CBC, CTV, Bustle, and more. She has created multiple companies from a branding agency to a restaurant consulting business. Marketing isn’t just her job, it’s her passion. Follow her here!

Amy Volas

Amy brings the human aspect back into job hiring for startups. She says she wakes up each morning striving to leave the world a better place than it was when she first opened her eyes. Having multiple businesses of her own and over 20 years of experience gives her the knowledge she needs to help. But above that, she prides herself on how good a job she can do for a new company. Bots aren’t the way to go, a strong leader who knows how to break down the code behind the human element is what is needed. Amy is the friend all startups need, you can follow her on LinkedIn.

Lauren “L2” Howard

Using LinkedIn, Lauren uses her reach and her skills to be the ultimate cheerleader for women. Her website redefines what it means to be professional and a woman. She gives the support of a great friend to women of all backgrounds. Getting her start in the health industry, Lauren ran mental health and medication-assisted treatment clinics for 10 years. She is also one of the people at the forefront of Telehealth and helped reduce the time waiting for care from weeks to hours! She now uses her talents in the software world, find out more on her LinkedIn!

Jenny Anderson-Frasier

Jenny has an amazing story of going from homelessness and generational poverty to making 6 figures. She uses everything she learned along this journey to help women break into the tech sales world. Not only for people new to the field, but she also offers mentorship for women at all levels. Founder of Maggie, which focuses on helping women and their families gain financial security. She is the powerful woman we all want to become. Follow her and ask about her story here.

Sandy Zhen

Connections are the name of the game. Sandy has worked in sales for over 5 years and now helps connect job seekers and employee needers all over Canada and the US. She prides herself in being able to land a prospective employee a role within 30 days. Consider her your friend and coach throughout the entire job search process. This isn’t just looking for a job to her, it’s shopping the job market to find the best fit for her clients. On the horizon for Sandy, she plans to start up her own software company and has been steadily working towards that dream for the past 4 years. Follow her on LinkedIn

Angela Snyder

Everyone’s dream is to travel the world, but Angela put that dream and her skillset into action! Having explored over 31 countries, she used her travels to build connections and strengthen her awareness. Her confidence and zest for life after all this travel have taught her that what she truly loves doing is connecting with others. Her love and talent for these personal connections and confidence in problem-solving led her to the world of marketing. Did we forget to mention that she started out as an elementary educator for 8 years before pivoting into the tech world? Help her make the world a better place and follow her here!

Emily Mireault

Marketing extraordinaire. Emily doesn’t just talk the talk, she truly loves and believes in human connection. That makes her marketing strategies so much better. When not working on the marketing strategy you’ll find her working on fun side hobbies. She just shared a children’s book she wrote! Connections are everything to her, both in her personal world and professionally. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Sherri Carpineto

Sherri is all about teamwork. It takes more than one great person to get things running smoothly and she knows that better than anyone. With over 15 years of experience, she helps companies decrease costs and raise their revenue. She has a brilliant mind that can focus on multiple aspects at once in order to see the big picture and bring about huge change. Sherri isn’t afraid to get into the nitty gritty of any problem and is a fierce planner. Having designed a sales coaching curriculum and managed multi-million dollar operations, she has really done it all. She is an amazing advocate for women in the field and uses her voice on LinkedIn to inspire women daily. Follow her LinkedIn content here!

Gabriella “GB” Blackwell

Creator of The One on One, Gabriella helps people get better one 1 on 1 at a time. Gabriella focused on creating a new type of media company. The One on One gives leadership coaching that will elevate any sales team member. She helps people use their natural personality and gives them the tools they need to flourish. Keep up to date with Gabriella and The One to One here.

Christine Rogers

Christine has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of creating, hiring, and running sales teams. She is a natural-born leader who uses her background and experience in running her own small business to be the people leader you see today. President and COO of Aspireship, Christine helps to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. The world is ever-changing and generation after generation is having to change what they thought they would do. This is where Christine comes in by giving exciting opportunities and career preparation to help people fit into the new world. Follow her on LinkedIn!

Tara Horstmeyer

The queen of LinkedIn, she makes sure you are unable to be ignored on the website. Tara has 20 years of experience in editing, leadership, and directing sales. She uses her vast knowledge to help companies and individuals use LinkedIn to the fullest. Offering one on one training is how she is so great at what she does. Tara is your friend and your coach and loves uplifting and guiding those around her. Having been featured in Vox, Morning Brew, and Business Insider, it is obvious she is one of the women leaders we need to follow. Follow her and find out more here.

Asia Corbett

Last on our list of women leaders to follow is Asia Corbett. She makes a big impact in the revenue operations world. She is the senior revenue operations manager at Bread Financials. Not only that, she is extremely talented when it comes to RevOps and has the reviews to prove it. Asia is the leader companies need and has a hand in all the moving parts of revenue. Keep up to date with her journey on LinkedIn.