Unlocking the Vault: Client Engagement Mastery for MSPs

Hey there, MSP mavens and sales superstars! Ready to rev up your referral engine and get those reviews rolling in like high tide at a beach party? It’s time to talk shop about tapping into your clients’ chatty sides and turning their words into your growth-fueling gold. CrewHu, step aside, ’cause we’ve got some MKC magic to sprinkle on this.

Cracking the Code on Client Reviews:

Data nerds unite! Did you know that a whopping 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review? That’s right; your clients’ two cents can make your MSP look like a million bucks. So, when your service knocks it out of the park, why not let the world know?

  • Impact of reviews on trust? Monumental.
  • SEO boost from reviews? Off the charts.

And here’s a hot tip straight from the MKC treasure trove: snag a snazzy quote from a top-dog client who’s seen the light (and in our case, the leads) thanks to your stellar service. “MKC Agency turned our tech from meh to mega-wow,” says Matt Burns, Co-Owner of JK Tech, who knows what’s up. Check out their full case study here.

The Referral Revolution:

Picture this: your clients, singing your praises from the digital rooftops, and the crowd goes wild! That’s the power of referrals, and guess what? They’re the most trusted form of advertising out there. But don’t just take our word for it; our LinkedIn poll revealed that 41% of MSP deals are sealed by clients playing Cupid for business.

  • Cost-effective? You betcha.
  • ROI? Through the roof.

Why not make it rain referrals with some MKC know-how and a dash of CrewHu wizardry?

CrewHu: Your Wingman in the Client Engagement Gala:

Let’s face it, manual tracking of reviews and referrals is as outdated as flip phones. Enter CrewHu – your digital sidekick, making the process smoother than your morning latte. And for a real-life success story, just peek at the Mirus Case Study where CrewHu’s been the belle of the ball.

From MKC’s Brainiac Blog Bank:

Remember those nuggets of wisdom we dished out on lead magnets and referral strategies? It’s time for a little throwback:

  • Spice up your MSP lead magnet game with our 5 guide ideas.
  • Power-charge your referral program with strategies that make ’em stick like superglue, as told in this gem.

Crafting a Client Engagement Masterpiece:

Ready to work that marketing mojo? Here’s how to paint a Picasso of a plan:

  • Sculpt a review and referral strategy that’s as tailored as a bespoke suit.
    • What do we recommend? Ask about satisfaction after every ticket. When they have 3-5 positive pieces of feedback, ask for a review. When they have 10+, ask for a referral. 
    • Consider incentives like donations to charity for referrals. Better yet – poll your customers to find out what they’d most like as an incentive ($$ off bill, gift card, cash, charitable donation?) Match your referral program to your client’s motivators!
  • Weave in tech tools like CrewHu to keep it as smooth as your best elevator pitch.


There you have it, folks – the MKC secret sauce for client engagement that’s as genuine as our laughter and as strategic as a game of 3D chess. Now, go forth and gather those rave reviews and rockin’ referrals!

Thirsty for more lead-generation concoctions? Sashay your way over to snag our freebie, “32 Lead Generation Lifesavers for Your MSP.” Just click here, and let the lead party begin!

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And there you go – a blog post that dances to the tune of MKC’s brand voice, all while waving the flag of expertise in MSP sales and marketing. Let’s show the world how ethical marketing isn’t just good karma; it’s great business.