Why SaaS Startups Scale Faster with Outsourced Marketing

More and more companies have begun to delegate some of the work they do to third parties. This is especially common in SaaS product development companies. At Megan Killion Consulting, we have personally helped many companies quickly scale up to compete with fierce business competitors by helping them outsource product development successfully. With decades of combined experience that comes from helping companies like yours, we are well prepared to help you, regardless of what your business may be.

  • Our primary focus is SaaS marketing for B2B technology companies. If you are a non-profit, reach out for a custom quote.

Getting Started

You’re a SaaS startup company. It’s why you clicked on this page, and the word “start” is right in your name. Getting started can be intimidating, and as a startup, you probably lack the resources on-site that you need to truly thrive in the business world.

Picture this: You have a vision for a new product idea, but you lack the experience and necessary resources to pull it off. You find yourself with a small handful of options: you either abandon the dream altogether, you attempt to create it yourself but without the resources of a well-established company, or you outsource to a third party for a fee and they work alongside you on the project. When you’re looking for advice on how to invest your funds to scale up your company, or advice on how exactly to bring your product idea to life, that’s where we come in to help with your SaaS marketing.

Can you start from the ground up, never outsourcing, and still have a fighting chance at the business world? With a lot of skills on hand and plenty of hard work, sure! But when a little coordination and getting in contact with the right people can put all the resources at your disposal, it’s always wise to consider outsourcing to start your business off on the right foot.

What Happens When You Outsource Your Product Development?

When you outsource your company’s product development to a third party, this enables you to get in touch with experts who are more familiar with the task at hand than you may be. You spend money to receive quality work that you may not be able to pull off yourself, and as an added bonus, your close circle of startup employees can focus on more personal and immediate aspects of the company (such as startup marketing) and they can take their time easing into new skills over the coming weeks or months.

When you need work done fast and within a reasonable budget, outsourcing is a great solution that spares you the cost of time or money you would otherwise need to spend training your employees on the actual business day to day activities. Plus, you don’t need to provide the office space or physical equipment for people who handle the tasks you outsource.

How Do You Scale a Startup?

Be Wise With Money

  • Take out a loan – Unless you have a stockpile of money on hand, you will probably want to take out a loan to get started. Loans help you stay prepared for unexpected costs and can support the project in the early days.
  • Invest wisely – Be smart with your investments. There are many great ways to grow your business, but identifying the investment opportunities that are right for your startup can be tricky.
  • Include marketing in your budget – Startup marketing is crucial for your product. No matter how great your product is, no one will buy it if they don’t know it exists, and having consistent customers will keep your business afloat.

Above all, take the time to create a solid product and to market it well. Outsourcing product development will help you bring your brilliant ideas to life and outsourcing the marketing will help you make sure everyone knows what they need and where to find it.

Startup Marketing

In the early stages of your business’s growth, it is crucial that you focus on your brand awareness. It’s difficult to break into a new industry, so it’s crucial that you establish yourself as early as you can and start building up a positive reputation. Once you start building a good reputation, building up years of experience, and you offer a necessary or interesting product, consumers will see you as a serious business and are more likely to consider your product rather than passing over it due to not knowing who you are or what quality you offer.

When you outsource your marketing plans, it frees up your on-site employees to focus on their work and allows you to draw expertise from marketing professionals with decades of combined experience. Examples of marketing opportunities that can be outsourced include:

  • Content marketing – Articles written about your product or service
  • Social media marketing – Posts that showcase your product or prompt interaction
  • Search engine optimization – Content on your website that helps you rank higher in search rankings, making it more likely that customers will visit your page

Marketing professionals can also employ strategies for your business that you may be less experienced with. For example, how often have you purchased a subscription for a piece of software, and how often have you renewed that subscription when it expires? Marketing experts know how to phrase calls to action to convince customers to interact with your website, product, newsletters, and more. You can learn this as well with time and practice, but when your company is in the startup phase, outsourcing your marketing to experts can pay off hugely. This can result in more customers signing on to your services and less turnover than you would probably find with a less-experienced marketing strategy.

In short, outsourcing your SaaS marketing allows you to automate the process, with valuable results!

What else about my startup can I outsource?

  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Customer support
  • Posting on and monitoring social media
  • Positions with high turnover rates

When you are choosing a company for all your product development outsourcing needs, consider
Megan Killion Consulting to connect you with the right people for the job. With over 15 years of experience working on digital marketing for startups, we can help you outsource to people who produce high-quality content, allowing you to engage better with your audience and see quality results. Book an online appointment today, or visit our website to learn even more about the various services we can offer for startup marketing.