LinkedIn Stats 2

We all know that Facebook is the world’s number one social media site, but did you know that LinkedIn is actually older than Facebook? That’s right, LinkedIn has been going strong as a social media network since 2002.

And while Facebook and other social media sites cater to everyone and anyone who wants to post cat or food pictures, LinkedIn caters to the world of professionals. If you’re a B2B marketer and you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile yet, you’re missing out. Once someone enters the working world, creating a solid LinkedIn profile has become the norm. In the professional realm, this becomes an individual’s personal brand, passport, and job identity.

LinkedIn is unquestionably the world’s largest B2B treasure trove for marketers right now. There really is no better place to be if you want to connect with Fortune 500 firms, decision-makers, and experts than LinkedIn.

But don’t just take it from us. Let’s take a look at some surprising LinkedIn statistics for 2022.


2022 LinkedIn Statistics

  • Around 750 million users in 200 countries worldwide use LinkedIn. 58 million companies globally are registered for the social networking site. (LinkedIn)
  • 40% of LinkedIn’s members are daily active users. This calculates to roughly one billion interactions per month. (LinkedIn)
  • If you’re on the job hunt, LinkedIn is the place to be with roughly 15 million active job postings on the site right now. (LinkedIn)
  • Among its users, LinkedIn boasts 65 million decision-makers and 61 million senior-level influencers. (LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn is used by 94% of B2B marketers to deliver content. (LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn is 277% more useful than other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook for lead generation. (Kinsta)
  • Every minute on LinkedIn, three people find a new job. (LinkedIn)
  • More than half of all social traffic to B2B blogs and websites comes from LinkedIn. (Sumo)
  • In 2020 alone, 6.3 million LinkedIn members attended virtual events. (99Firms)
  • Business Insider ranks LinkedIn as their most trusted social media platform. (Business Insider)
  • LinkedIn is rated as the most successful social media site by 78% of B2B marketers for assisting their firm in achieving certain goals. (LinkedIn)
  • Ads placed on LinkedIn have the potential to reach up to 13% of the global population. (HootSuite)
  • LinkedIn’s CPL (Cost Per Lead) is lower than that of Google Ads by 28%. (LinkedIn)
  • Direct revenue from LinkedIn is attributed by 38% of B2B marketers. That is three times greater than any other social media network. (WPromote)
  • 40% of the world’s millionaires are active on LinkedIn. (Spectrem)
  • B2B marketers state that they generate two times more leads using LinkedIn than any other social network. (LinkedIn)
  • On website landing pages, the average conversion rate is roughly 2.35%. On LinkedIn lead generation forms, the typical conversion rate is 10 to 13%. (LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn’s Message Ads generate more interaction and response than conventional email marketing, with the average open rate being 50% versus the industry norm of 21%. (LinkedIn)
  • On LinkedIn, audiences who are exposed to brand and acquisition messages are six times likelier to convert. (LinkedIn)
  • Professionals are joining LinkedIn at the rate of three new memberships every second. (LinkedIn)
  • Businesses and brands who run LinkedIn Live videos tend to see seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments. (LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn accounts for 46% of social media traffic to B2B company websites. (99Firms)
  • Posts created on LinkedIn reach 21 industries and nine countries on average. (SocialMediaToday)
  • 87 million millennials around the world use LinkedIn. 11 million of them are key decision-makers for their company. (LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for B2B marketers, sitting at 97% in popularity, compared to Twitter’s 87% and Facebook’s 86%. (CMI)


If you haven’t yet figured out that LinkedIn is probably one of the most important social networking sites for B2B marketers, we hope that these statistics have given you a push in the right direction. 

If you want to generate leads, expand your network, and convert prospects, go and create a LinkedIn profile today.