Core Values: The Secret Spice in Your MSP’s Revenue Recipe

Hey there, tech enthusiasts and MSP maestros! Ready to dive into the world where core values aren’t just feel-good words but your secret weapon in the business battleground? At MKC Agency, we believe in walking the talk, and today, we’re spilling the beans on how core values can be your market differentiator. Buckle up; it’s going to be a sassy ride!

Core Values as Your Brand’s Superpower:

Millennials: The New Decision-Makers:

Did you know millennials make up 73% of B2B buying decisions? That’s right, these digital natives are reshaping the B2B landscape, and they’re hungry for a personalized experience that mirrors B2C transactions. They’re the ones calling the shots, and they’re all about authenticity, collaboration, and a solid work-life balance.

Why Core Values Matter:

Your MSP’s core values are like your secret handshake in this millennial-dominated market. It’s what makes you, well, you! And in a world where 87% of millennials believe business success should be about more than financial performance, it’s clear that your values can really set you apart.

You’ve got skills, but how do you make your MSP stand out in the tech crowd? Easy-peasy! It’s all about brand identity with a sprinkle of core values. Think of it as your business’s personality – genuine, quirky, and all shades of awesome. And guess what? Clients totally dig it when you’re real with them.

  • Why Core Values Rock: They’re like your brand’s DNA – unique and totally you.
  • Let’s Get Real: Transparency isn’t just a buzzword; it’s how you build trust.

Real Talk: Core Values in Action:

Let’s swan dive into some real-life fairy tales. Companies like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s didn’t just climb the success ladder with great products; they did it with heart and values. And the world applauded with their wallets.

Stats That Matter: 

Brands that align with values? They see customer loyalty soar through the roof!

Shout It Out: Broadcasting Your Core Values:

Now, how do you get the world to know your core values? You shout them from the digital rooftops! Whether it’s on your website, social media, or your killer marketing campaigns, make sure your values are front and center.

Marketing with a Heart: It’s all about connecting, not just selling.

MSPs should leverage their core values in various areas of their marketing efforts. Here’s a list of places and tactical tips for integrating core values:

  • Website and Blog Content: Embed your core values in the ‘About Us’ section, blog articles, and landing pages. Use storytelling to share real-world examples of your values in action.
  • Social Media: Regularly post content that reflects your core values. Use hashtags, stories, and live sessions to engage with your audience on a personal level.
  • Email Marketing: Include messages about your core values in newsletters, welcome emails, and promotional content. Personalize the content to make it resonate with your audience.
  • Customer Testimonials and Case Studies: Showcase how your core values have positively impacted your customers. Use video testimonials or detailed case studies on your website and social platforms.
  • Advertising Campaigns: Create ad campaigns that highlight your core values. Ensure that your ad visuals and copy align with what your brand stands for.
  • Sales Pitches and Proposals: Incorporate your values into your sales pitches and proposals to illustrate your ethical approach to doing business.
  • Community Involvement and CSR Initiatives: Publicize your involvement in community projects or CSR initiatives that align with your core values.
  • Brand Partnerships and Collaborations: Partner with other brands or influencers who share similar values. This can amplify your reach and strengthen your brand message.


Empath’s Charity Rocket Launch: Pioneering Value-Driven Success in the MSP Community

Empath’s hosted Rejection Con is a shining example of value marketing in action. This event, orchestrated by three individuals with a shared vision but no product yet, managed to raise over $25,000 for the Rural Technology Fund. They partnered with MSP Geek to get the event going, and then sponsors such as BlackPoint, NinjaOne and SuperOps jumped on board. 

Their approach perfectly illustrates how leading with values and vision can resonate powerfully within a community. Despite not having a concrete product at the time (No shade I swear), Empath’s commitment to their core values and vision garnered thousands of interactions and widespread support within the MSP community. 

This case demonstrates how a strong emphasis on values and giving back can create a robust foundation of support and anticipation for future ventures. With the following they’ve garnered, I’ll bet $$$$ that product launches will have immediate interest. Why? Well…


Humanizing Your Brand: Connecting on a Deeper Level with Prospects

In the modern marketing landscape, where trust is a rare commodity, and authenticity is king, the adage “people buy from people” has never been more relevant. To make prospects see us as genuine individuals before the first interaction, it’s crucial to engage in ethical, transparent marketing that highlights not just what we do but also why we do it. Simon Sinek’s words, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe,” resonate profoundly in this context.


The MKC Way: Core Values for the Win:

At MKC, we’ve turned our core values – candor, authenticity, family first, gratitude, growth and ethical excellence – into our superpowers. Just peek at our Clutch reviews and see how we’ve transformed MSPs with a dash of ethics and a whole lot of expertise.


At MKC Agency, our core values aren’t just statements; they’re the heartbeat of our operations. Led by Megan Killion, a neurodivergent, ADHD, bisexual female leader, we embody a unique blend of candor, authenticity, family-first, gratitude, growth, and ethical excellence. Our participation in Rejection Con, where we presented “Ethical Marketing Next Generation MSPs,” was a powerful alignment of our values with our actions, contributing to causes like the Rural Technology Fund and demonstrating our commitment to elevating marginalized talent.


This dedication to ethical marketing isn’t just about doing good; it’s also about effective business strategy. Statistics from our presentation at Rejection Con highlighted how ethical practices build trust, enhance brand attraction, and contribute to financial growth. Our approach has led to tangible successes for our clients, a fact reflected in glowing testimonials on DesignRush as well.


But it’s not just about what we do – it’s about how we do it. Our diverse team brings creative solutions to complex problems, enriching MKC’s marketing strategies. This diversity, coupled with our commitment to continuous learning and ethical excellence, directly addresses the challenges faced by MSPs. It’s about creating long-term success, not just for us but for our clients, by staying true to our core values.


Our vision to scale 100 MSPs’ marketing presence with ethical revenue acquisition practices, and to elevate 100 employees out of poverty, guides our strategic direction. This vision is brought to life through our commitment to diversity, continuous learning, and authenticity.


These values translate into impactful marketing strategies and business growth, as evidenced by our session at Rejection Con. We showcased how ongoing learning and ethical marketing practices could lead to meaningful engagement and growth within the MSP community. At MKC, we’re not just selling services; we’re building relationships based on trust, shared values, and a commitment to making a difference.


The Trust Factor:

In a world where vendor reps are facing a trust crisis, millennials are turning to reviews and demos for the real scoop. They value secondhand experiences, like user reviews and referrals, more than any other resources. This is your cue to make those customer experiences count!


With millennials increasingly skeptical of traditional sales tactics, the power lies in real stories, authentic experiences, and relatable values. They’re turning to user reviews, product demos, and referrals – seeking honest feedback and genuine experiences. This shift demands a marketing strategy that transcends the mere showcasing of products or services. It calls for a narrative that weaves your ‘why,’ your values, your people, and your vision into a story that connects on a human level.


By prioritizing this human connection and trust, you can transform your marketing approach from a transactional exchange to a relationship-building journey, where customers are engaged, loyal, and deeply invested in your brand’s success and ethos.


Your MSP’s core values are the spices that make your brand irresistibly tasty. When you mix skill with sincerity, you cook up a business recipe that’s bound to be a hit. So, ready to add some flavor to your brand?


Hungry for more insights on how to blend your core values into a winning brand strategy? Grab our Vision, Mission, Brand Builder here and let’s cook up a storm together!