Referral & Review Strategies for Unstoppable MSP Growth

Let’s talk about a game-changing, yet often overlooked, aspect of growing your managed service provider (MSP) business. Yep, I’m talking about referrals and reviews.   I’ve always been a huge believer in the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It’s one of those genuine, unfiltered interactions that can propel your business to unimaginable heights. Today, we’ll talk […]

Unlocking the Heart of Your Brand: The Power of Knowing Your ‘Why’

It’s often said that a brand is much more than a logo or a set of colors; it’s a story. A story that begins with a single, compelling ‘why.’ When DesignRush recently featured my thoughts on brand marketing strategy, I emphasized one crucial step that’s frequently overlooked: doing the prework. I’d like to extend a […]

Getting Started With Your Marketing Strategy

You may not know it yet, but a strong marketing strategy is vital for planning the growth and success of your business. A powerful marketing strategy can serve as an essential roadmap for growth and is more important than ever in helping you achieve and maintain your business goals. Whether you want killer growth that […]

What Is An SDR?

No, it’s not just Big Business Card looking to make an extra buck in inventing new business classifications—an SDR plays a dynamic and essential role in the ecosystems of many modern sales teams. A Sales Development Representative has been a role that was once niche in small tech companies. Their prime task is to locate […]

The Best Pricing Models For SaaS Companies

It’s a delicate balance, not unlike a tightrope walk in a fancy circus. On the one hand, you don’t want to scare clients away with ridiculously high prices or poorly-framed pricing packages for your product; on the other hand, you don’t want to be giving away your hard work (born of blood, sweat and tears) […]

Things to Look Out for When Outsourcing Marketing

The plates are spinning! You’re juggling all the balls furiously! It’s all balanced perfectly, precariously until…crash! For most startups, handling everything in-house is either difficult or flat-out impossible. You’re stretched thin in terms of manpower and budget, and while you may feel like a Jack or Jill of all trades some days, you can’t be […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing Key Startup Functions

What are the benefits of outsourcing key startup functions?- You have a great business idea and you’re primed to turn it into a real business. Great! Do you have the design skills to build your brand? Are you equipped to manage the complex finances of a startup? If your answer to some (or all) of […]

Headache to Ideal State

Building the bridge of Transformation for Each Buyer There’s a reason that impersonal sales pitches give people the willies (including us); the seller seems to care way more about themselves and making a quick sale than they do about genuinely getting to know you and helping you make your business better. Effective marketing calls for […]

Why SaaS Startups Scale Faster with Outsourced Marketing

More and more companies have begun to delegate some of the work they do to third parties. This is especially common in SaaS product development companies. At Megan Killion Consulting, we have personally helped many companies quickly scale up to compete with fierce business competitors by helping them outsource product development successfully. With decades of […]