Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising Specifications

If you’re trying to run a successful business in 2021, then you should be actively trying to create relevant and engaging social media ad campaigns. And that, my friends, is easier said than done.  You see, Meta and Microsoft like to make each platform as unique as possible, and that means that what works on […]

A Healthy B2B Marketing Funnel

For any business, a healthy sales funnel is the visual representation of successful prospect-to-customer conversion. At the top of the funnel comes lead generation through qualified, vetted leads. In the middle stage of the funnel is lead nurturing, wherein you sustain your lead’s interest through marketing, content, and ongoing engagement, and at the bottom of […]

How to Use Twitter for Your Business

One hundred ninety-nine million active users can be hard to wrap your head around. Some just pass by, like petals in the wind. Some of them are even nice. But most importantly, they’re scrolling down the road, and with any luck, they’ll find a reason to stop on you and your business. Any free platform […]

The Best SEO Consultants for B2B Technology Companies

B2B consultation businesses and services, like my own, exist like chiropractors– for customer-facing and other B2B technology businesses. Whether the ol’ bones of SEO are getting tired, a rib of media management is sorely out of place, or your feet are tired of walking the same digital and strategies over and over again, a B2B […]

Megan Killion Consulting Ranked As Top Digital Marketing Agency

Megan Killion Consulting has been recognized as a Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Florida in 2021 by DesignRush. DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with professional full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies. Their platform lists over 9,300 agencies from over 50 different countries and is consulted by thousands […]

How to Write a Great Case Study

Every business in the B2B sector, whether they’re in healthcare, technology, or finance, wants to boast about their case studies. The problem with this approach is that many B2B companies aren’t effectively using their case studies to promote their brand and gain new clients. This article will show you how to write a great case […]

How to Cold Email: 3 Tips to Stay Professional, and Effective

A beginners guide to cold emailing.  Cold emailing can be a great way to reach out to potential customers, but it’s important to do it right. If you don’t know how, this blog post will give you three tips for cold emailing and staying professional, reasonable and effective in your approach. We hope these tips […]

Quick SEO Tips & Tricks

Crawling the ranks of SEO can feel like fighting riptide. Every push forward can peel back by the end of the day. The buoys of stable indexes are gone, and algorithms have come to shape every content delivery service, from searching guides on how to fix appliances to top songs by streamable artists. While there […]

Why is it crucial for B2B tech marketers to know their industry?

Would you rather listen to this post? You can do so on BuzzSprout If you work in the tech industry, chances are you’ve been exposed to a ton of buzzwords. While we might get them right now and then, sometimes those words start to become meaningless. Buzzwords can also be a way to talk about your […]