Why Startups are Better Off Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Like a tender shoot just peeking out of a garden patch, startups need a lot more investment to grow versus other established plants and vines out there.

The unique nature of a startup – lots to manage to get off the ground, tight budgets and a limited in-house team – makes it ideal for outsourcing marketing needs.

The reality is that managing marketing strategies across multiple channels is the most effective way to scale quickly; it’s also a drain on already stretched resources that a startup can better use in other areas.

Here are just a few good reasons for burgeoning businesses to hand off their most time-consuming marketing efforts to an experienced marketing agency.

Reduce Risk

Digital marketing is a fine-tuned machine that needs to be operated precisely, adjusted constantly and managed around the clock. Pouring precious resources into a digital marketing strategy that is ineffective and doesn’t get sufficient returns can sound the death knell to fledgling businesses. Content marketing, social media management, SEO…it’s a lot to handle and keep track of, especially for a small company with limited in-house staff.

Any investment in an effort to get your name out there and create engagement with followers is a risk. However, that risk is mitigated by outsourcing your strategy to an experienced, knowledgeable agency with a large, dedicated team of experts. They will know how to stretch your marketing dollars in the most effective way and have the bandwidth to perfect your website from the backend, adjust photos and content to each platform, schedule posts with perfect timing and run comprehensive data analytics to inform every tweak and pivot needed to succeed.

While it may seem risky to trust your marketing efforts to an outsourced agency, just know that they are extremely results-oriented and aren’t afraid to work with somewhat bootstrapped operations (the reality of most startups).

Get Better Results

Although many startups have in-house editors and copywriters who can produce great content, the fact of the matter is that there is more to generating sales and leads than good-looking content. If your goals are to drive more traffic to your website and increase your social media visibility and reach, then you need someone with the know-how to craft effective digital marketing strategies that get results fast.

Editors and copywriters are important members of your team, but they aren’t marketing experts with experience in inbound marketing strategies. A knowledgeable expert will know how to implement many effective tactics across all content to speed up conversions. Outsourced agencies have the extensive teams and manpower to get your marketing strategy running full-speed across all streams and channels at the same time without breaking a sweat. This means better results, faster; and for a startup whose survival depends on scaling quickly, that’s a godsend.

Focus on What Matters

When you are launching a startup, there is so much to handle and manage at once. You have staffing, marketing, administrative tasks, financials…not to mention thinking big and heading up a company.

You can outsource marketing, but you can’t outsource the ineffable quality that made your business come to life in the first place. Outsourcing the time-consuming tasks frees you up to get back to what matters most: pouring your passion and drive into making your business better, growing it and being captain of the ship, directing your staff toward successful waters.

Your Bottom Line

Effective marketing will net you higher conversions, drive sales and draw in paying customers; in other words, get you the money your business needs to grow and build. Unfortunately, trying to reach the right people in the right way is a complex task that requires knowledge and expertise (as well as some solid gut instinct and creativity).

The average person doesn’t know where to get the data and how to use it to pinpoint the best audience and the winning tactics to reach the ideal customers. An outsourced marketing agency does this for a living and is armed with the most up-to-date techniques and trends to inform its strategies. Working alongside an outsourced agency will skyrocket your startup to success.

Don’t get me wrong. Not every startup that decides to handle everything in-house is doomed to fail; some do very well for themselves and each business is unique. However, it’s very common to see startups who struggle because they misallocate resources and aren’t getting the results they want fast enough.

Looking to outsource parts of your business so you can get back to the business of getting your business off the ground? Megan Killion Consulting is a team of experienced, professional experts who can take over your marketing and branding so you can get back to what matters. Contact us today so we can discuss your business needs and how we can help your startup thrive.