Why Small Businesses need an Agency to Brand Them

Remember the 5¢ “psychiatric help” booth from Charlie Brown? Where Lucy idly hangs her head out under a ragged sign, waiting for customers to approach her for worldly wisdom and guidance?

What if I were to tell you that a) it served as excellent capitalist propaganda for 1960’s children (a blog for a later date), and b) that without agency-level branding, that same cheap signage is what a potential client sees in most small businesses?

Most small businesses today are owners who recognize niches that set them apart from massive multinationals and help them attract and retain loyal clients at better margins. What many of these small businesses are not is graphically and literary-minded.

As with all B2B Marketing, this is not a question of them being capable or articulate, but one of differing expertise. When my sink goes down, I don’t go rushing for the nearest toolbox and start bushwhacking behind my laundry-room walls. So too, when a plumbing company sees a lull in their pipeline (pun not intended), they shouldn’t send their CEO out into the streets to start knocking on doors.

In a market of competitive brands and precise SEO, it takes an agency to brand small businesses to ensure future success and marketability, not to mention the legal expertise required to ensure branding is compliant and trademark-ready.

When an individual or group is looking to launch or grow a small business, they should absolutely contact a small business branding agency.

The Competitive Advantage Of Agency Branding

Have you ever looked into Ringo Starr’s art career? If you were to see his pieces on the street, you might assume a company AI had gone rogue and started crying for help from the cybersphere—a far cry from associating it with one of the most influential and beloved musical artists of the 20th Century.

Sadly, many small businesses that forgo agency branding come up with results that are not too dissimilar from those portraits. In creating ineffective marketing, they stifle their growth, image, and branding opportunities.

Working with a top agency to develop effective branding ensures that you are not only market-ready with coherent and attractive brand guidelines for all of your communication channels but that these graphics offer a compelling reason for potential clients to investigate your services further. As with your own dress code as a professional, the clothes make the man when it comes to branding.

The “What Now?” Of Scaling Marketing Strategies

When you first enter the market space as a new and exciting brand, you may be flush with follows, inquiries, and opportunities. Once the dust settles and you’ve made sense of the pipeline for the coming month, however, you may notice that the dust has settled and there is a lull in business activity.

“Did I do something wrong?” you might ask.

The answer is, “no.”

This is just how the internet works sometimes.

Opening your doors is one thing, but if you’ve ever tried to schedule a party on a busy Friday, you know how hard it can be to get everyone you need in one place. Branding agencies work to develop lasting strategies that begin with attractive templates for startups and grow into lasting relationships.

When you launch with an effective brand marketer, you’re not just building success before you open—you’re ensuring a framework for follow-up, scaling, and effective conversion for the lifetime of your business.

Focus on what you do best, and allow a marketing agency to tell that story with the rest of the world.

Launching a small business is equal parts dream and nightmare. Let an expert agency help you launch confidently and comfortably, ensuring competitive advantage and a scalable strategy that builds momentum in that first critical year.

After all, if you can attract new clients with solid branding, there is a good chance you will attract the internal talent necessary to keep growing.

My consultation services are designed to grow and scale businesses reliably through honest B2B Digital Marketing, agency experience, and an infinite amount of compassionate sass. Get in touch today to start your business journey right, and grow your competitive advantage with intelligent, effective branding.