Why Nearly 60% of B2B Companies Outsource Marketing

Why do nearly 60% of B2B companies outsource marketing?

A recent Corporate Executive Board study noted that an astounding 1,400 B2B customers found that customers completed, on average, nearly 60% of a typical purchasing decision before even conversing with a provider. That means that researching solutions, setting requirements, benchmark pricing, and ranking options are already usually decided upon in advance – due in huge part to outsourced marketing. Customers are usually light-years ahead of sales reps, this trend allows ample opportunity for outsourced marketing departments to step in and win prospects.

Outsourced marketing departments evaluate prospects against a different set of criteria than internal marketing departments, and target agile organizations in flux as opposed to businesses that have a set, immovable host of needs and requirements. While this typically is not your normal customer profile; outsourced marketers are looking to identify opportunities to meet their prospects at the intersection of their needs.

Keep reading for three key reasons why you might decide to outsource your business’ marketing.

Get An Expert Team

When you outsource your marketing to an experienced agency, you are effectively creating a custom team of devoted experts to support your sales team initiatives and churn out results! Outsourced marketing teams usually have proven track records, demonstrating past successes and how they have assisted their clients to grow. Creating access to a talent pool of marketers who have the expertise to research, create and implement proven marketing strategies that yield the outcomes you’re looking for. Vet potential companies carefully by reviewing their portfolios, case studies, and past work.

Overhead Costs

Naturally, businesses are always looking to reduce costs, and this one is simply a no-brainer. Especially when trying to reduce on organizational costs, an outsourced sales team will be highly qualified and experienced in quickly learning the ins and outs of your business and can pick up the sales’ pace quickly with effective lead generation. Remember: the retainer for an outsourced marketing team will be a mere FRACTION of what you would be spending in-house to retain talent. Investing in an outsourced team is also a cost-effective way to quickly increase ROI, as you aren’t spending money on onboarding or training new employees, or maintaining costly benefits.


It’s all about the tech! Outsourced B2B marketing teams have unlimited access to tools that your business might not have due to budgetary or resource constraints. With the lead generation landscape constantly in flux and scalability on the line, this is an important investment today. Pivoting during slower months is also much easier with an external marketing department, as you are able to scale services depending on your needs.  

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