Why Keyword Research Requires a Strategic Marketer

Research into rules for optimizing SEO results is kind of like pulling dandelions. Just when you thought you had it under control, three or four more little buggers have popped up to complicate your day.

With billions of requests every hour, it is truly staggering to try to wrap your head around just how effective Google is at its job. But don’t mind me biting the hand that feeds when I say, it gets tiring to keep up.

Getting to the top of a search is the equivalent of sitting with the cool kids at school. You have the eyes, the attention, and the envy of all of the second and third-pagers. But getting there is a matter of more than just light-up heels and good lunch snacks this time—it takes workresearch, and perhaps most of all, strategy.

This blog will be a little overview of why we believe you need strategic SEO marketer to research and optimize your keyword marketing.

Keyword Research is the process of finding and analyzing search terms that folks will enter into search engines, usually for data for a specific purpose or query. Harnessing these terms as marketers is a process called search engine optimization (SEO).

Keyword research can uncover popular combinations of phrases to target, the popularity of these queries, the difficulty to rank competitively given the subject matter, and more. These terms will become a crucial part of your general marketing strategy and should form the basis of your written content. But why? That sounds like work.

By building these keywords into your marketing, Google (if you’re wondering where we’re at as a culture, yeah, Google is an agent for verb clauses) will be much more content to rank your page as higher-value to individuals looking up those keyword terms. While I mentioned above that it is challenging to keep up with all of the changes, a few core principles remain unchanged—this is where marketers shine and why they are indispensable for creating your marketing strategy.

The better you use these principles, the higher the ranking your page will receive. The higher a rank you receive, the more website traffic you will have, and the more “reliable” your page will become in the eyes of our Search Engine Overlords. This makes you more likely to receive links to your content, reaffirming your place on the list.

That doesn’t mean you’re in for an easy ride once you’re at the top. Keyword marketing works for your competitors just the same as it works for you. It’s a search log eat log world out there.

Tools like Semrush exist to help you handle the flow of keywords as they shift and expand over time. But like all tools, they are only as effective as the hands that guide them. Trust me on that, I picked up violin this week, and my neighbours would be all too happy to tell you their thoughts on it.

A marketer will be able to synergize search terms with your existing content in ways that guarantee long-term success, not flash-in-the-pan results. Since these terms form a backbone, this means not only guidance on your SEO work but guidance on your project as a whole—from demand generation to content marketing.

If all of this sounds excessive, there’s good news. With some expert guidance, it doesn’t have to be. You could be stuck in the weeds, just waiting for a push to get back to the forefront of your market and the top of your customer’s minds. But what is a business owner to do?

Spoiler alert: I’m able to help. We can get you to the front page and stay there through proven strategies crafted over a decade of marketing. Book a chat today to get started on your next great strategy.