What Makes Video Marketing So Powerful

Video is an incredibly powerful tool to incorporate into your marketing strategy. A quick Google search will pull up thousands of hits on how to make video content for your business, but what, exactly, makes video marketing so powerful?

There are dozens of reasons to add videos to your business game plan, but let’s explore just a few. Videos enhance SEO, they help to build trust and improve your likeability, and, scientifically speaking, we process images quicker than text.

Google, Videos, and SEO

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, there has been a massive surge in the way its search engine ranks websites with videos. In fact, featuring a video on your landing page increases your chances of hitting Google’s first page in searches by 53%!

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, and since Google owns YouTube, they have a tendency to favor videos from the platform that flag specific terms people are searching for. So if you want to hit Google’s first page, include a video using conventional search words.

Video Gives That Personal Touch

More than ever before, consumers want to feel engaged and included, especially when perusing businesses online. Video marketing allows potential customers to get an inside look into your business, your practices, and you, as a businessperson. Customers want transparency, and they want to like the company or the person they’re doing business with. Video marketing can drastically improve your likeability by making customers feel like they’re a part of your world, rather than just a means to an end.

According to Bitable’s Video Marketing Statistics, consumers are 64 times more likely to buy something after watching a branded video because, to put it simply, people just love watching videos. Video marketing helps to create a bond between business and customer. It builds trust, which, in turn, leads to sales.

A Picture Is Worth 600 Words

Yes, we know the saying is actually, “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” but that’s not entirely accurate. Also not accurate is the famed, unsourced internet falsehood that our brains apparently process images at an insane speed of 60,000 times faster than they do text.

You will find hundreds of claims to that effect all over the internet, many of which link to sources, which in turn, link to other sources, until you’re sucked into a rabbit hole of websites all claiming the same thing. The problem, though, is that none of them link an actual source that backs up that claim. A few of them mention a 3M study, but no links to the study can be found.

So, do our brains process images easier than words? Absolutely they do! But they don’t do it 60,000 times faster. The good folks over at Email Audience actually did the math, and it turns out our brains process images between 6 and 600 times faster than text. 600 isn’t exactly 60,000, but it still proves that curating video content for marketing is a far better way to engage current and potential customers than a giant wall of text.

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