What is Digital Marketing?

Oh boy. The harder question to answer would be, what is digital marketing? It’s here as you click through my site. It’s on Instagram as you go through feeds of studded leather jackets for your Poodle. It’s on Google as you try to find the spiciest quesadilla offered in the tri-State area. It’s a mixed bag and one of my favorite things in the world to talk about.

It’s a big world out there, even bigger on the internet. Opening your social media feed is like walking into Blade Runner’s futuristic city– with dancing graphics, life-sized models pushing impossible angles or colors, and a constant swarm of soundbites begging for your attention. Figuring out which of these work and which are ignored (or worse, driving customers away) is equal parts science and dark magic. It’s something akin to working with sand—little bits adding up to a sculpture that stands in for your business in the marketplace.

In short, digital marketing is leveraging technology for marketing purposes, for increased brand awareness, and for driving revenue—primarily via the internet. This leveraging can be done in a multitude of different ways, a few of which I will dive into here.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing is often the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine digital marketing. This process involves crafting engaging content that converts attention into clicks organically—hopefully into sales later.

This can take the form of visual content such as videos or social media posts, but also blogs, pleasing websites, or effective integration of keywords that help drive search engine trafficIf you’re crafting something online for your business, there’s a good chance it’s Digital Marketing!

The internet offers potential for global reach for B2B as much as in B2C. Through consistent digital marketing, you are reaching the most amount of customers for the highest possible return.

Outreach and Contact
Digital marketing applies to the “who” you are reaching as much as it does the “what” of the content you are delivering. Databases, cold email outreach, CRM construction, and landing pages all contribute to a digital funnel of where your efforts should be directed and what individuals you should partner with to grow your business.

For example, your website may have a free download that only requires an email address to acquire. From there, you now have the email of a potential client who shows interest in your products! Adding them to an email outreach campaign or sending them a time-sensitive discount code leverages the attention and contact they gave you to grow your business—all without leaving your email browser. That’s digital marketing, baby.

Search Engine Optimization and Paid Ads
At this point, I’d be more embarrassed about my Google history leaking than nude photos. While I use Google frequently (too frequently) for everyday tasks like asking which end of my M.C. Escher USB drive actually needs to be flipped, I also use it to find local goods and services. We all do! It’s integrated with maps, directions, reviews, and more. Getting a top spot on Google is an art form in itself that can be accomplished through strategic digital marketing.

Optimizing your blog posts through keywords and strategic linking can help, as do Pay Per Click strategies or Paid Ads. While these are more cost-prohibitive than organic content, they offer targeted measures that ensure your content is delivered exactly where you want it to be. This guiding process could be through Local Search Marketing or simply a clear set of demographic guidelines. The goal is to orient those actively searching for products and services to you, and you first. The second page is where dreams go to die.

Digital Marketing has changed the way consumers and suppliers interact. While it is a complicated field, it’s never too late to start. Megan Killion Consulting has the services to build and optimize your digital marketing strategies for whatever business you want to set up. Let’s chat soon about what that could look like for you and your company! We’ll see you out there on the web!