Unmasking the Tech Universe: A Deep Dive into MSP Geek Con


Recently, I attended the first-ever MSP Geek Con, an event that truly impressed me with its high-quality content, informative sessions, and warm community spirit. Even though the convention was primarily aimed at techs and business owners in the MSP industry, I found it to be a valuable resource that offers deep insights into the technology, history, and nuances of the MSP world. Oh, and did I mention the food was amazing?

A Shift in Perspective: The Defensive Mindset

John Strand truly inspired me in his session about the Defensive Mindset. Strand emphasized the importance of embracing failures and understanding that they can, indeed, be a powerful learning opportunity. He rightly pointed out that we should not shun individuals for their failures but appreciate them for their entire body of work.

Strand’s talk tied in beautifully with a point I’ve made previously on my LinkedIn post about encouraging good choices, both in children and adults. Strand’s insights into supporting individuals when they fail and discouraging the fear and shame often associated with failure echo the sentiments I hold about fostering positivity and understanding within a team.

Translating the MSP Business for the Technical Mind

Kyle Christensen of K7 shared an enlightening session about translating the MSP business for the technical mind. Christensen delved into the MSP’s history, dissected the business model, and discussed how to leverage this knowledge for your company. It was a thorough walk-through on how MSPs can increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability through automation, documentation, and creating playbooks, among other things.


Addressing Burnout: A Critical Issue

Ray Orsini, the owner of OITVoip, led an essential discussion on burnout, a topic that I personally care deeply about. He emphasized integrating fun into the workspace, taking necessary breaks, and advocating for these practices to leadership. Orsini’s talk resonated with my previous LinkedIn post about my experiences with mental illness, burnout, and the importance of self-care and setting boundaries.


The Power of Process in MSP Sales

Alex Farling‘s session on “The Power of Process in MSP Sales” was another standout. His visual process made me question if my own MSP sales playbook was overly complicated and inspired me to streamline it. Want to check it out and give me feedback?


The Importance of Community

Ashley Cooper’s session on “finding your tribe” resonated with me, as I have always found community to be essential in my journey. Cooper highlighted many points I strongly agreed with and it was reassuring to see how welcoming the MSP Geek community was.


For a first-time event, MSP Geek Con was outstandingly organized and smooth. I’ll certainly recommend it to my MSP clients in the future. For just $500/person, the value you gain from the event is a steal, with a plethora of valuable sessions for various parts of an MSP team, an enriching community experience, and fantastic food. While the event was primarily geared toward techs, I found that every timeslot had a session offering valuable insights for anyone interested in marketing, sales, or the business side of things in the MSP world.