Troubleshooting a Lost MSP Sale – Why did I lose that MSP sale?

When a promising MSP sale falls through, it can be a real head-scratcher. Here’s a spunky, no-nonsense walkthrough to troubleshoot where things might’ve gone awry.


A good chunk of what we do here at MKC is setting qualified sales meetings for MSPs. Some of our clients have the budget and time for 1:1 coaching regarding sales process, nurturing and closing, but others don’t. Inevitably those clients often come back to us asking “why didn’t I close that deal?”. So we’ve created a checklist to answer just that!


Revisit the Discovery Call:

Did you really tune into their pain points? Make sure you didn’t miss any subtle cues that could’ve clued you into their real issues.


Assess Your Solutions Fit:

Were your services the hero they needed? Ensure your solution didn’t just sound good but genuinely fit their unique challenges like a glove.


Analyze Communication:

Examine your emails, calls, and meetings. Was there a point where the conversation lost its groove? Communication is a dance, and both partners need to be in sync.


Scrutinize the Follow-Up:

Was your follow-up as exciting as the season finale of their favorite show? Or was it more like a rerun they could’ve skipped?


Check for Decision-Maker Alignment:

Ensure that the decision-makers were in the loop. Sometimes the person nodding along isn’t the one signing the checks. Make sure you didn’t miss engaging the real shot-callers.


Evaluate the Competition:

Did a rival swoop in with a sweeter deal? Understand your competitors’ offers and how your proposal stacked up against them.


Inspect the Timing:

Sometimes it’s all about the ‘when’. Reflect on whether external factors like budget cycles or market shifts played a role.


Seek Feedback:

Don’t shy away from asking why they passed up your offer. Direct feedback is a goldmine for improvement.


Review Your Pricing Strategy:

Was your service a champagne taste on a beer budget? Or the other way around? Align your pricing with the perceived value.


Reflect on Your Brand Perception:

Is your brand’s reputation opening doors or shutting them? Sometimes the deal is lost before you even pitch.


By systematically evaluating each of these areas, you can identify weaknesses. It’s a continuous learning curve. Embrace it with the spunk of a start-up and the wisdom of the tried-and-true. Remember, every lost sale is just a prelude to your next success story.


Once you’ve pinpointed the hiccup in your sales process, it’s time for transformation. Utilize the “Experience Transformer” concept from Strategic Coach to turn this insight into action. Reflect on the sale, and ask yourself:


  1. What worked?
  2. What didn’t work?
  3. What can be improved?


Then, implement a new strategy in your next sales approach based on these reflections. This is about learning from the past to enhance the future. It’s not just about correcting a single mistake; it’s a strategy to evolve your sales process continuously.

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