Top Sales & Marketing Leaders To Follow On LinkedIn

We all know it’s worth being active on LinkedIn. This business-based social site is a great place to follow industry leaders and engage with business DMs. Top professionals post tips, tricks, insights, and more. You can absorb many business success tips by reading your LinkedIn feed. We suggest engaging with the original poster and other users in the comments. Here are the top sales and marketing leaders to follow on LinkedIn.


Will Allred

Will Allred is the founder and COO of Lavender, an email marketing company focusing on crafting better sales emails. Will is active a few times daily with text posts, links, and videos. He’s passionate about sales and helping salespeople make authentic, organic customer connections. Give him a follow to improve your cold emails using data you already have.


Will Aitken

On the Lavender team, Will Aitken is an excellent follow if you need laughter. He lists public speaker and TikTok creator in his LinkedIn Profile. He’s comfortable using humor and jokes to get his message across. You’ll enjoy his videos and text posts and learn valuable sales tips while laughing.


Dan Rayburn

Dan Rayburn is an established industry analyst you may recognize from his online writing, media appearances, and podcast. Industry-wide trends influence every customer in every niche. Follow Dan to monitor the media market moves and technological innovations that matter to your customers.


Brett Puffenbarger

Brett Puffenbarger is the Vice President of Marketing at Green Check Verified, where he works with financial services for cannabis businesses. Cannabis is a young industry navigating rapid growth, a patchwork of overlapping regulations, and many biases. Follow Brett for a behind-the-scenes look at successful sales and marketing in such a vibrant, complicated space.


Katelyn Bourgoin

Katelyn Bourgoin, the founder and CEO of Customer Camp focuses on customer conversion. Her work focuses on gaining a deeper customer understanding to build relationships and drive conversions. If you’re struggling to understand why your customers convert (or don’t), follow Katelyn on LinkedIn. 


Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson at SDR Leader can help you focus on leads, prospecting, and customers at the top of the marketing funnel. He’s laser-focused on these easy steps of customer acquisition, making him an especially valuable follow for sales development representatives.


Lauren Howard

Lauren Howard, an active telehealth and startup consultant and, more importantly, founder of Elletwo, takes a multifaceted approach to sales and marketing. Her LinkedIn posts are informed by her experience working with telehealth customers, but she also focuses on community-building. Follow her and learn how to transform your customers into a satisfied, engaged community. Lauren paves the way to step out of the box built for you by misogynistic leaders and embrace being a boss while remaining feminine. 


Leslie Venetz

Leslie Venetz, the founder of Sales Team Builder, is passionate about helping sales teams transform their mindsets, outlooks, and results. If you’ve ever struggled with the “marketing” aspect of your career and wish to focus on simply making sales, Leslie will help you find the middle ground. She’s active on LinkedIn and TikTok, so she always has something new to add to the conversation.


Scott Leese

Scott Leese of Scott Leese Consulting works with growing businesses, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers ready to take the next steps. Whether your customers are scaling their businesses or you work with established, stable companies, Scott offers lots to learn. Follow him on LinkedIn to see how to help your customers feel supported and to take ownership of your success.


Sandy Zhen

Sandy Zhen, a sales recruiter and trainer, knows what it takes to be successful at the highest levels. Her LinkedIn content includes job-hunting tips, sales strategies, networking opportunities, and personal anecdotes. Follow her to keep an eye on current hiring trends, learn how to recover from setbacks, and keep your interview skills up to date.


Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott with WorkSpan writes about marketing but also the hiring and talent acquisition process. She offers valuable insights on both sides of the interview process. Whether you’re adding to your team or looking to advance your career, Alexis can help you make the most of your skills, experience, and LinkedIn activity.


Amy Volas

Amy Volas of Avenue Talent Partners helps start-ups hire sales and CS executives to power continued growth. She’s well-versed in sales and marketing leadership, so her LinkedIn regularly features content about talent, building relationships, and leveraging your network. Even better, she makes these topics feel approachable, authentic, and realistic for sales professionals at any level.


Will Taylor

Unsurprisingly, Will Taylor, the Head of Partnerships with PartnerHacker, focuses on partnerships and B2B relationships. Partnerships are a powerful strategy for leveraging your most satisfied current customers. Will is an essential LinkedIn follow whether your partner program is established, you have one in the works, or you just want to focus on your satisfied customers. 


Jenny Anderson-Frasier

Jenny Anderson-Frasier with IBM offers sales and marketing advice through a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens. Her content explains how you can reach more people, build stronger relationships, and ultimately improve your conversions by considering your entire community. Follow her to learn how to expand your reach and connect with as many customers as possible.


Shawn Sease

Shawn Sease of is a must-follow if you struggle to connect with prospects. He knows cold calling can be challenging and offers smart strategies to improve your processes. Follow him on LinkedIn to learn how to build relationships with your current prospects and find new potential customers excited to work with you.


Connecting On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a wealth of expert advice, with new content posted daily. Add industry leaders like the professionals on this list to your network to learn from others in your field. You’ll pick up the best insights, ideas, and tricks whenever you read your LinkedIn feed.