Three Recruiters You NEED To Go Follow On LinkedIn Right Now

Even though Facebook may be considered the biggest social network site in the world right now, LinkedIn has been around longer. The “professional social network website” has around 310 million monthly active users, and if you’re wanting to network and create new business connections, there’s a good chance you’re one of the 310 million.

There are a vast number of people you should follow on LinkedIn in order to expand your business and professional network. Today, we’re taking a look at three of the most important recruiters on LinkedIn that you NEED to go follow right this instant.


Ralph Clotaire

Since the founding of his company, LEO Recruiting, earlier in 2021, Ralph Clotaire has established himself as one of the biggest up-and-coming recruiters to watch in the coming years.

Specializing in recruiting the very best talent for SaaS companies, as well as those in the industries of sales, technology, and retail, Clotaire takes pride in finding “great people and plac[ing] them in great careers.”

Ralph ensures to keep his network in the loop of his goings-on by posting often and engaging with his network and followers. He loves the work he does and is proud to show it off so that others can take pride in their work as well. His profile is awash with amazing stories, insightful anecdotes, and funny gifs. He knows exactly how to work LinkedIn, and if you’re looking to learn how to properly network (or are looking for a recruiter to help you land your dream job), look no further than Ralph Clotaire.

About Me: “I find great people and place them in great careers. Once we have a conversation, I find out the person behind the resume. We find together their values, goals, and next career move. Even if we don’t, we keep the conversation going to one day get them there.

I’m a metric-driven and intuitive recruiter who is passionate about growing teams and leaders. From start-ups to mid-market companies, I’ve grown my skills from sales into full-cycle recruiting, sourcing, analytics, and development. My delight in recruiting, so far, has been matching top-performing and rising professionals with the right career move in mortgage, sales, management, and development.”


Destiny Brandt

Destiny Brandt is a spitfire of the staffing and recruiting world. She focuses her incredible talent on diversity and inclusion recruiting and says, “80% of the candidates we have placed in 2020/2021 were women and those of diverse being, thought and life experiences.”

Brandt says that her passion for helping people – especially women – comes from growing up poor and often having to live in a car behind a Walmart parking lot. “Sales changed my life,” she says, and she now wants to help others make that change as well.

She spends her time on LinkedIn fighting for things like pay equality and taking no guff from those who try to talk down to her in the comments of her posts. She is strong and focused, and wants to use her talent and expertise to place others in their dream jobs. If you’re looking for a recruiter who will have your best interests at heart, and use every trick in her exceptionally large book to get you what you deserve, Destiny Brandt is the recruiter for you. Check out It’s Destiny Recruiting for more information about Destiny Brandt.

About Me: “Founded in 2020 during a time when job seekers needed us the most, our mission in recruitment is to represent those that are hungry, detail-oriented, and have a do-whatever-it-takes approach in sales, sales management, recruiting, admin and HR. You are more than just a resume and you deserve a job that gives you growth, stability, benefits, REAL and genuine leadership and challenge- and you deserve top dollar for your efforts. Our job is to set you up for success with one of our trusted employer clients.”


Sandy Zhen

“Your network should be your raving fans. Your brand should be your job closer. Your job hunt should be effortless.” Insightful words from an insightful recruiter. Sandy Zhen has a track record of placing job seekers in meaningful positions within 30 days from the time of their first meeting. She spends her time endlessly coaching those who need help, using her personal connections to put job seekers in front of hiring managers.

Zhen, however, goes one step further than most recruiters. She coaches her clients through every single step of their job hunt, especially the interview portion, where she helps you customize your answers to the target company you’re applying for.

Sandy says her superpower is mentoring and connecting people. If you’re looking for a recruiter who will have your back every step of the way, connect with Sandy Zhen.

About Me: I recruit top sales talent for companies across Canada & the U.S. I have a successful track record of placing SDRs and AEs into companies within 30 days. DM me to inquire about having me assist with finding rock star talent.

Job Seeking / Interview Coaching – Successfully coached many jobseekers to land offers within 30-60 days in their job hunt. I do thorough coaching with my clients through every stage of the interview, tailoring all answers to your target company. To ensure my clients land a role within 30 days, I offer:

1. Leveraging personal connections – I have a robust network that consists of 40+ companies across the US and Canada to put you in front of hiring managers.

2. Job Lead Generation – I have a set of strategies to source job postings you may not have found otherwise.

3. Teaching job seekers how to treat their job hunt like a sale.