The Top 60 Female Content Creators on LinkedIn Worth Following

There are many “X Most Influential People To Follow On Linkedin” articles out there, and it’s a simple matter of fact that the vast majority of these lists tend to be male-dominated. We wanted to shirk that trend and focus on the incredible, empowering, influential women that Linkedin has to offer.

With that being said, we’d like to present you with our list of the top 50 female-presenting content creators and influencers on Linkedin that you should follow right this instant. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order.



1. Asia Corbett

Asia is the Head of Revenue and Community Operations at RevGenius. “A study of economics usually reveals that the best time to buy anything is last year.”

2. Aya Kanai

Aya is the Head of Content and Creative Partnerships at Pinterest. She was named one of WWD’s 50 Most Powerful Women. “Passionate about the intersection of Creative and Business Strategy for Gen Z to Millennial to mature audiences. The fast-paced world of managing and growing audience engagement is where I thrive. Internally I have a track record of spearheading operational improvements to inspire creativity.”

3. Michaela Alexis

Michaela is a Linkedin Learning Instructor. Or, as she puts it, “Millennial LinkedIn Trainer and Coach | Espresso Fuelled LinkedIn Learning Instructor | Helping Businesses and Audiences Shine on LinkedIn.” She goes on to say that, “LinkedIn has transformed my career…and now I teach people just like YOU how to uncover the ✨ magic✨ of LinkedIn too, and have some fun doing it!”

4. Sandy Zhen

President’s Club Winner Sandy Zhen is the founder and sales recruiter of her own company, Recruiting & Coaching by Zhen. Her superpowers include mentoring and connecting people.

5. Becca Kay

Becca is the COO at Dingus & Zazzy. “Definitely a project manager at the nerdiest marketing department in Edmonton. Likely will accept bribes in the form of iced coffee and chicken nuggets. Probably not 3 kids in a trench coat.”

6. Lea Turner

Lea is a Linkedin coach where she provides digital courses, in person workshops, and 1:1 Linkedin Training through her own company, Lea Does Linkedin. “I’m passionate about making LinkedIn marketing easy, effective, and fun for everyone! I’ve harnessed the power of this amazing community spectacularly since October 2019, and entirely changed the financial future for me and my son, which as a lone parent I never thought would be possible. I want to share what I have learned so that you can do it too.”

7. Annie Roche

Annie is a Mid-Market Sales Manager at Attentive. “I believe in the positive power of business to enact significant change on a global scale with people, the planet, and profit. Very passionate about giving back to the local, national, and international community. Who’s to say we can’t make a difference in the world and make money at the same time?”

8. Nathalia Fontenelle

Nathalia is the Marketing Director at Megan Killion Consulting. “I have 11 years in the job market. Over these years I have acquired extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales Support, Branding, Intelligence Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising, and Event Organization. I am a motivated, organized and proactive professional.”

9. Megan Killion

Megan is the Founder & CEO of Megan Killion Consulting (as well as the Chief Conjurer at Coven Cloud). She describes herself as “a neurodivergent Ravenclaw, who sometimes drops the “f-bomb” that can triple revenue by breathing new life into your business. Just ask my previous clients,” who’s “driven over $500m in pipeline for SaaS, CDN, Cloud, Edge Compute, Infrastructure, Storage, Security, Software, Hardware, Telecommunications, Wireless, FinTech, CannaTech, Data, Communications, Network, Analytics, Integration, and MORE.” Basically, if you need it done, Megan Killion can do it.

10. Kate Erwin

Kate is the Content Marketing Manager at Mailshake. “I’m a passionate marketing writer focused on helping companies tell impactful stories and connect the right people with the right messages.

11. Jenny Anderson

Jenny is the Regional Director of Corporate Sales at DataRobot. “I’m a B2B sales success story. I come from Appalachian roots and generational poverty, am the first woman in my family to not run moonshine or work in a shirt factory, and say with pride “B2B sales changed my life.”  I’ve got a pretty crazy story of homelessness to six figures that I have no problem sharing and am a fierce advocate for women in sales, as well as hiring people who CAN do the job over those who HAVE done the job.”

12. Katherine McConnell

Katherine is a Startup Advisor in Revenue, Strategy, and Cross-Functional Operations at Catalytic Sales & Marketing. And for the last year, she has been a mentor at ICorp, a National Science Foundation initiative to increase the economic impact of the research it funds. “I got my start hustling add-on milkshakes at a beach hut and landed on a Wall Street bond trading floor closing high-risk, high-pressure $150 million derivatives deals. Now I’m keen to use my expertise and passion to increase access, opportunity, and traction for underestimated founders!”

13. Krystal Jackson

Krystal is the Senior Manager at Gala Unlimited. Her company’s mission is to “cultivate community greatness through increasing the well-being of Black Americans. We produce a Black Businessmen’s empowerment speaker series in partnership with the nonprofit: 100 Black Men of LA. I am also a Co-Founder of Aqua Equity Water, a sustainable premium bottled water company who serves to close the social equity gap in under-resourced communities.”

14. Allysin Lombard

Allysin is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at BLAZE Business Strategies. “I have known since 1998 that I wanted to use my knowledge and communication ability to help people. I have provided 22,211% ROI and over $82,000 LCV to clients.”

15. Charlee Nolan

Charlee is the Director of Marketing Communications for Phipps Reporting Inc. She got her first paid writing gig, she says, in the fourth grade when she won $20 in a contest for an essay she wrote about the American flag. “It was the beginning of a 20-year marketing and communications career that has kept me fed, clothed, frustrated and fulfilled ever since. I have had a few different marketing job titles, but writing (and communications, by extension) is at the literal and figurative heart of all of them.”

16. Kris Chau

Kris is an entrepreneur and business mentor and coach. She’s also an Activator SheEO, a “global community of radically generous women working on the World’s To-Do List.” Of herself, Kris says, “My values are rooted in integrity, love, and service. As a woman of colour, I am a feminist who is working to dismantle the patriarchy. I strive to be anti-racist and combat white supremacy by having open dialogue and learning to be a better ally. I believe that LGBTQ+ lives are equal, and differently-abled people are a gift. I stand for human rights and equality for all in my life and in my service to others. I will always speak up for those who cannot and often do so in the media.”

17. Nancy Duarte

Nancy is the Principal at Duarte Inc. “Duarte, Inc. is the largest communications firm in Silicon Valley, as well as the fifth largest female employer in the area. Nancy has won several prestigious awards for communications and entrepreneurship and was recently honored in Watermark’s “Women Who Have Made Their Mark” ceremony.

18. Heather Melton

Heather is the Business Development Representative for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Hopin. “I have been an English teacher for 20 years in Madrid, Spain, and specialized in English for Specific Purposes (ESP). What that means is that I make task-based learning exercises and gear them towards whichever job our client has.”

19. Ann Handley

Ann is a digital marketing and content expert, and the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. “As the world’s first Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley speaks and writes about how you can rethink the way your business markets. Cited in Forbes as the most influential woman in Social Media and recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the top 20 women bloggers, Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a training company that empowers marketers internationally with the skills they need to drive success at their companies.”

20. Amy Volas

Amy is the Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners. “With sales being my first business love and startups my second, I care deeply about improving the hiring process. I’ve seen a thing or two, learned a thing or two, and know a thing or two to translate that to fix the broken bits and pieces to get it right for all parties involved… the first time around. Getting to the brass tacks here, I walk my talk and have a 20+ year startup, enterprise sales career with more than $100MM+ in closed revenue to back it up.”

21. Marsha Collier

For 37 years, Marsha has been the president of the Collier Company Inc. She is an award-winning author with books like “Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide,” and over 40 “For Dummies” books under her belt. “I offer a combination of education, endorsement, and inspiration for selected brands and bring access to wide audiences. As a trusted influencer people follow and take my recommendations based on the education I proffer. My work is part of a larger digital strategy package, not only about social but video and written word.”

22. Holly Wareheim

Holly is the Recruiting Manager at Accesso. She recently completed her USF course and received her certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace. Of the course, she said, “I learned so much during this course and am grateful to have had the chance to participate thanks to the amazing team at accesso!”

23. Madison Butler

Madison is the Founder & CEO of Blue Haired Unicorn, LLC and the VP of People & Impact at GRAV. “Madison Butler is a New Englander at heart but moved to Austin in 2017. Her work is focused around creating equitable spaces and creating scalable strategies to achieve psychological safety. She is an outspoken advocate for mental health, removing the stigma around trauma, DEI, and the ability to be “human at work”. She is passionate about facilitating hard conversations through storytelling, data, and tough empathy.”

24. Landen Sparrow

Landen is the Head Media Buyer at Dingus & Zazzy. “Marketing Professional. After my morning coffee, I have a passion for building brands with authenticity and connection. Building a brand that connects with its customers is my priority. It is so important how a brand makes you feel. This cultivates trust and more importantly, repeat customers.”

25. Joanna Wiebe

Joanna is the Conversion Copywriter and Founder of Copyhackers. “The original conversion copywriter, I’m the creator of Copyhackers. and the Copy Chief at CH Agency. For nearly 15 years, incredible companies like BT, Canva, Glowforge, Intuit, MetaLab, Prezi, SAP, Sprout Social and VWO have trusted me to optimize their copy.”

26. Pam Moore

Pam wears many hats at Marketing Nutz, including CEO, CMO, Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Digital StoryTeller, and Influencer. She was listed in Forbes’s Top 5 Social Media Influencers. “I am a Redken Business Artist and help salon owners and stylists embrace social, digital media to grow their business & ignite their personal brands. on-site social media, salon business and personal branding workshops, training via Social Profit Factor academy, consulting & training services. Redken salons use C5A points to purchase services with options for all budgets.”

27. Nozomi Morgan

Nozomi is a “Boundaryless Executive” Michiki Morgan Worldwide, where she helps the C-suites of US-owned businesses in Japan cross cultural boundaries. “Nozomi Morgan and her team are leading experts in providing multinational companies and their C-Level teams with consulting, specialized coaching, training, and best practices to help organizations build Boundaryless Leadership ™ capabilities to grow and expand in the global market.”

28. Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie is the CEO & Founder of Ellevest. “Ellevest is a financial company, built by women for women. Its goal is to get more money in the hands of women, by closing the gender money gaps (because nothing bad happens when women have more money).”

29. Liz Ryan

Liz is the Founder & CEO of Human Workplace. She is the author of three books; Reinvention Roadmap, Righteous Recruiting, and Red-blooded HR. “Human Workplace is a training and consulting firm and a global movement with millions of members around the world. Our mission is to reinvent work for people. As CEO and founder of Human Workplace, I write and speak about the new-millennium workplace.”

30. Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen is the best-selling author of 10 books, including The Happiness Product, the #1 New York Times and international bestseller. “With her work, Rubin has emerged as one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on habits and happiness. She’s known for her ability to distill and convey complex ideas in a way that’s accessible to a wide range of readers.”

31. Sarah V. Bundy

Sarah is the Founder & CEO, as well as the Affiliate Marketing Expert and Digital Marketing Strategist at All Inclusive Marketing Inc. She has been ranked in the Top 40 Under 40, Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Canada, Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in Canada, and Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategists of 2012 and 2020.”In 2018, All Inclusive Marketing won the Global Excellence Award in Performance Marketing at the PMA Awards in London, achieving global recognition for setting the standard of excellence in affiliate program management worldwide.”

32. Lorraine K. Lee

Lorraine is the Editorial Director at Prezi. She is a top-rated virtual keynote speaker, a Linkedin Learning Instructor, and Women’s ERG Lead. “Passionate about mentorship. Member of Northwestern’s Council of 100, an invite-only organization based on career trajectory, achievements, and commitment to mentoring. I’m also a mentor at Digital Women Leaders, a resource for women working in news who are looking for career advice.”

33. Doone Roisin

Doone is the Founder of the Female Startup Club, “an educational platform that provides insightful podcasts and technical courses for women to learn and dominate.” Of her work, she reiterates, “I’m on a mission to help advance women-in-progress through an insightful podcast, technical courses, and relevant resources to learn and dominate.”

34. Lori Richardson

Named Salesforce’s Top Sales Influencer to Follow, Lori is the Revenue Growth Strategist and Virtual Sales Kickoff Speaker at Sales More Sales. She is a women in sales champion and the host of the podcast Conversations with Women in Sales. “I’m a changemaker. A game-changer. I’ve been given a lot of energy every day to do positive things, and with the support of great peers and role models, I work to do that. I help fix sales team issues – and I am a master connector, so it’s only natural that I train sellers on referral strategies.”

35. Erica Cleland

Erica is a project manager at Dingus & Zazzy. The only thing brighter than her attitude is her hair! Erica has been instrumental in driving strong brand partnerships and marketing direction for Dingus & Zazzy. Not only does she handle their back end perfectly, she brings the excitement and eye for detail that the Megan Killion Consulting team needs, no matter how off-topic the calls can get.

36. Randi Zuckerberg

Randi is the older sister of Mark Zuckerberg but is not someone caught in the shadow of a successful sibling. She is the CEO of Zuckerberg Media and sits on the board of directors for the Motley Fool and Life 360. “She is the best-selling author of four books, producer of multiple television shows and theater productions, and hosts a weekly radio show on SiriusXM. Randi has been recognized with an Emmy nomination, two Tony Awards, a Drama Desk Award, and a Kidscreen Award.”

37. Rachel Schall Thomas

Rachel is the Co-founder and CEO of LeanIn.Org and OptionB.Org. “Track-record of building companies and communities from the ground up. Passionate about disruptive ideas and technology. Gender expert. Proud mother of two. Host of Tilted, a podcast about the uneven playing field and the bias that lurks in unexpected places.”

38. Susan Cain

Susan is the best-selling author of Quiet Journal, Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts, and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. “Her new masterpiece, Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole, is forthcoming from Crown on April 5, 2022. LinkedIn named Susan the 6th Top Influencer in the world. Susan partners with Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, and Dan Pink to curate the Next Big Idea Book Club. They donate all their proceeds to children’s literacy programs. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.”

39. Julia Izmalkowa

Julie is the Founder & CEO at IZMAŁKOWA.”I’m a HUMANOLOGIST, ethnographic researcher, and psychologist. I translate human behaviour and emotions into language that is practical and understandable for business and marketing. I love people and life so much that I made it into my profession. In 2005 I founded IZMAŁKOWA, the first agency in Poland specializing in ethnographic research, which soon became a leader in this field. I am an honorary lecturer of psychology faculties of the best Polish higher education facilities and I’ve been carrying out guest lectures in many higher education facilities around Poland.”

40. Audrey Bell-Kearney

Audrey is the Founder of Noise Media Network. “Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author, Visionary, Inventor, and Publisher. I help you turn your big idea into a business then help you create a strategic marketing plan that will help you grow your business using the most cutting-edge tools, techniques, and platforms like digital and streaming media with a focus on Roku Marketing.”

41. Sharon Ringier

Sharon is the Founder & CEO of I’m Possible Women’s Empowerment Collective, Inc. “Helping female entrepreneurs struggling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and feeling confused with entrepreneurship by helping them get their confidence back and gain clarity. I’m Possible Women’s Empowerment Collaborative, Inc. was designed to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and themselves to their fullest potential. We produce conferences, ultimate masterminds, small business panels, networking events just to name a few. Lady leaders become members to move their dreams forward.”

42. Suzan (Sujay) Johnson Cook

There isn’t much that Suzan doesn’t do. She is the Leader and Chief Inspiration Officer for Women On The Worldstage, the Diplomat in Residence at Religious Freedom Center, the CEO, owner, and Professional Speaker at Charisma Speakers, and the Keynote Speaker, Speechwriter, PR, and Events Planner for both Women On The Worldstage and Charisma Speakers.”She represented the US in more than 28 countries and l00 Diplomatic engagements, integrating religious freedom into the national security and foreign policy discussions, Obama White House, and served as a Domestic Policy Analyst/Special advisor in the Clinton Administration.”

43. Sheena Yap Chan

Sheena is the Founder and Host of the podcast The Tao of Self Confidence. “I help Asian Women break out of their shells so they can live an authentic life and thrive. Sheena has been featured on MindValley, FOX, ThriveGlobal, Manila Times, and more. She is the TOP 10 Self Confidence/Self Love Coaches to Follow which was featured in Disrupt Magazine. She is also the co-author of the International bestselling books called Asian Women Who Boss Up and International Women of Color Who Boss Up.”

44. Bonnie Factor

Bonnie is the Founder & CEO at Leading With Success. She is counted among the Top 12 Influential Filipino Women on Linkedin. “People see leaders and look for someone who can tell them everything. The truth is amazing leaders ask great questions. I’m here to take leadership back and put the well-being of people front and center including the well-being of the leader himself. Today, the strategic, transparent, honest, empathic, resilient leader WINS. It’s time we have well-being as an aim for any company.”

45. Bonnie-Lyn de Bartok

Bonnie-Lyn is the Founder & CEO of The S Factor Co. ”In just over two and a half decades, Bonnie-Lyn has worked across more than 59 countries as a subject expert in social development (socio-economic, socio-cultural, social-political). She has advised NGOs, Governments, major Financial Institutions, and the Mining and Oil & Gas sector on human rights issues and strategies.”

46. Maria Lourdes de Vera

Maria is a prolific award-winning author, who, by the young age of 22, had already written 18 books for medical surgical nursing. At 24, “she established her niche writing articles about children, childhood development, and the family. Her advocacy is to raise the awareness of the well-being of abandoned, neglected, and abused children through her published written articles and research.” She is ranked among the Top 57 Most Influential Filipino Women on Linkedin.

47. Eesha Sheikh

Eesha is the Founder & CEO at Playpal, Inc. She is ranked in the Forbes Top 53 Women-Led Startups Disrupting Healthtech and the Top 50 Tech Visionaries. “During my career, I have been a serial entrepreneur, founder, inventor, CEO, and technologist. I am a published medicinal chemist by education, with a specialization in anti-cancer drug development. My scientific training and passion for better health have enabled me to start and grow my startup, Playpal Inc, a Smart Health platform set to revolutionize the health-tech landscape.”

48. Brene Brown

Brene is the Founder & CEO of Brene Brown Education and Research Group as well as a Visiting Professor of Management at the University of Texas at Austin – Red McCombs School of Business. “She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy; is the author of six #1 New York Times bestsellers, and is the host of the weekly Spotify original podcasts Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead.”

49. Shaun Robinson

Shaun is the Founder of Shaun Robinson Media and the President & Founder of the nonprofit organization S.H.A.U.N. Foundation For Girls. “Emmy-award-winning television journalist Shaun Robinson has been named a Linkedin Influencer and one of the Top Voices of 2020. As an author, producer, actress, and philanthropist, she is dedicated to the empowerment of girls and young women around the world.”

50. Sara Blakely

Sara is the Founder & CEO of Spanx. “I started SPANX in 2000 with $5,000 in personal savings and I’ve never taken any outside investments. I am a big believer in following your instincts and taking unique approaches to business. In 2006, I launched the SPANX Foundation to empower women through education, entrepreneurship, and the arts. I believe the world will be a better place when the feminine and masculine energy on the planet are more in balance.”

51. Destiny Brandt

Destiny is the Founder and Sales Recruiter for It’s Destiny Recruiting. “SaaS Sales Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting – 80% of the candidates we have placed in 2020/2021 were women and those of diverse being, thought, and life experiences. The best is yet to come. Let us help you find your dream job or dream candidate! I grew up poor, often living in a car behind a Walmart parking lot. Sales changed my life. Our goal at It’s Destiny Recruiting is to partner with clients who want to work together to open these doors for people of all backgrounds that are hungry, curious, and nurturing.”

52. Galem Gimray

Galem is the co-founder of RevGenius and was ranked Salesforce’s Top Influencer of 2021. “RevGenius is a community of revenue-generating sales, marketing, and revops professionals brought together to educate, inspire, and empower each other. Join the community, you can sit at our table! I’m one message away from doing my best to help you in your journey.”

53. Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Like many of the amazing women on our list, GB wears many hats. She is a senior instructor at Elevate, the Manager, Business Development for Airtable, and the Co-Founder and co-host of the Women in Sales Club. “Long gone are the days where Revenue Leaders can rely solely on smile and dial tactics to motivate this new generation of sales professionals – there has to be a new way. Having started in tech sales as an SDR, holding positions as an Account Executive, Sales Enablement Management and now as a Sales Development Manager, what I offer to organizations is the experience, expertise, and empathy to build and cultivate top-performing sales development teams while offering the professional guidance needed to retain top talent.”

54. Amelia Sordell

Amelia is the Founder of Klout, the Personal Branding Agency. “I started Klowt in a small corner of my bedroom in the middle of a global pandemic. I did it because I believe, unequivocally, that the future of branding is personal. That people buy from people. But more importantly, they buy from people they *trust. And that is what Personal Branding does, builds trust. It’s human-centered marketing that delivers real results.”

55. Salina Yeung

Salina is a LinkedIn Personal Branding Expert & Coach for The[in]academy. She’s also a hilarious TikToker and you should definitely go follow her @iamsalinayeung. “I’m Salina Yeung a.k.a. your Go-To LinkedIn Expert. I work with visionary Entrepreneurs to unlock their full LinkedIn potential to skyrocket online presence, build strong personal brands, turn connections to customers and boost social engagement on LinkedIn to generate high-impact leads. I show up here EVERY DAY to EMPOWER, EDUCATE and help you UNLOCK your full business potential here on LinkedIn.”

56. Lauren (L2) Howard

Lauren is the President of ElleTwo Consulting, the CEO and Owner of Build by ElleTwo, and the CEO and Founder of The High Rise by ElleTwo. “I almost walked away from my entire, booming career because I was exhausted. I left the job that I had planned to retire from because I had run myself into the ground. I had done too much for too long, and I realized that there had to be more in the world for me. Thankfully, I found it in spades, and I will be forever vocal to help people find theirs too.”

57. Ariel Lee

Ariel is a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones, as well as (in her own words), “Not just another boring LinkedIn Coach.” “My “strategy” helps empower you to: Show up fully as YOURSELF so that your unique vibe can attract your tribe. Create impactful relationships and meaningful conversations. Generate visibility for your content and your profile to attract inbound inquiries to your DMs.”

58. Liz Willits

Liz’s mom says she’s the #1 marketer to follow on LinkedIn. You should probably listen to Liz’s mom. She is an instructor on Digital Marketing Fundamentals at the University of Vermont, and runs her own marketing business, named after herself. “I got tired of the rat race. So after 7 years working as a marketer for SaaS tech companies, I quit and started my own biz. I now help SaaS startups grow with digital marketing. My clients include up-and-coming Y Combinator startups as well as some of the fastest-growing companies in the world — like Hopin.”

59. Guerlyne Guercy

Guerlyne is the Communications Manager for People & Communities at Cisco. She was ranked among the Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Stars of 2021. “When I’m not on the communications crusade, you can find me advocating on the topic of grief and loss; and offering guidance to navigate life’s many perceived losses (book soon to come). As a professional losses are many, as a human they are inescapable; but through resilience and hope, we have the ability to forge onward. That is what I hope to impart to others.”

60. Zoë Hartsfield

Zoë is the owner of Neat Copy, Co-host and Co-Creator of Stealth, and the Community Manager for Spekit. “Here to tell stories, paint pictures, and show you the state of the possible. For yourself, for your team, for products, solutions, and partnerships. I have a passion for people, tech, and creating win/win scenarios. Be it ghostwriting with Neat Copy or running community at Spekit – I want us all to walk forward feeling like we have gained something.”



Have we missed any amazing female-presenting content creators on Linkedin that you think everyone should know about? Let us know in the comments!