The Smartest Tech Startups Outsourced Marketing

As a tech startup founder, your time is valuable and in limited supply. Any entrepreneur knows that marketing costs can skyrocket easily, especially at the hands of an ineffective department. What if I told you that there is a simple solution to this? One of the easiest ways to maximize your business’ value and avoid this monkey pit is to outsource your marketing efforts!

Outsourced marketing processes vary by company and size, of course. If you have branding experience and understand the digital marketing landscape, then your wisdom and prior knowledge could easily lend to the marketing functions of your venture. But at upstart companies, certain areas of marketing simply don’t make sense to tackle internally, and not every entrepreneur has the marketing savvy to make it successful. If you’re a tech startup, there are many reasons why to outsource your marketing and save on time and money.

Value your time

Marketers are passionate about what we do – I can confirm. But if you’re spending on SEO, email marketing, paid search, or any other tactic before having a focused strategy, just wasting time and money. Opportunities can come from anywhere, and tapping them often takes a multidisciplinary approach that marketers understand. Think of outsourced marketing ops as a custom team of devoted experts to support your sales team initiatives and churn out results!

Keep Your Team Focused

It’s all about your sales and LEADS! An outsourced marketing team will be highly qualified in creating content to drive effective lead generation. With over 500+ million in my lifetime sales funnel, I believe I can be an amazing asset to your extended team. Get in touch for a quote, and learn more MK Consulting can help!

Increase ROI

Investing in an outsourced team is a cost-effective way to quickly increase ROI, as you aren’t spending money on onboarding or training new employees. You can avoid attrition and employee-related costs, and only focus on your start-up goals.

Expand Your Tech Outreach

Outsourced marketing departments also have access to tools that your business might not (and expertise to go along with it ☺). With the tech industry constantly in flux, this is an important investment today to stay at the top of. MK Consulting loves technology and information – help us help you ☺


SEwho? SEO! Search engine optimization may sound simple, but it’s one of the most complex areas of marketing. SEO is an interdisciplinary, step-by-step process that progresses through website crawl accessibility, user experience optimization, content development, and more. Amalgamate all these functions into one, outsourced specialist who can help you with it all!

Get to know your customers and prospects!

Your outsourced marketing team will also lend a critical eye on outreach gaps, and provide immeasurable value from a fresh set of eyes that internal talent might have missed. Startups need help to get to know their clients, especially as trends change.

Investing in a marketing team is one of the best moves you can make for your upstart, and MK Consulting wants to help.

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