The Best Times to Post on Facebook

Did you know that the internet has rush hour? The good news is that it’s nothing like the highway. Instead of frustration, delays, and starts and stops, you’re seeing more traffic on your page than any other time of the week! The best part is no honking or left-on turn signals.

Facebook has site-specific rush hours, too. There are a handful of ideal times to post that have been shown to create the right conditions to create high engagement.

With more time than ever being spent online, wouldn’t it be great to get in on that audience—especially seeing as Facebook is the most-used social media platform worldwide?

High engagement is essential since it prioritizes your content algorithmically. It’s not enough to simply post or even to be seen—customers have to engage with the content through clicks for your messaging to work effectively. Engagement is also a crucial metric of how your brand is doing.

Do customers support your messaging? How do they feel about the features you post? Are they interested in the lifestyle of your brand and sharing it with friends?

This can all be monitored by watching your engagement and interacting with your community through Social Media Platforms.

With that in mind, here are the best times to post on Facebook to maximize engagement:

Best Times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 7AM – 11AM [PST] / 10AM – 2PM [EST]

Worst Times: 9PM – 12:00PM [PST] / 11:00PM – 2:00AM 

Best Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Worst Day: Saturday

These numbers are generated from both users in the USA and abroad. If your marketing content is for a domestic operation, it is best to focus your posting times and schedules on timelines that benefit local customers. These are guidelines, after all, not the rule!

For reposts and shares, these rules are less crucial—organic engagement, beyond being free, is a resource to spend more immediately. Don’t wait too long to share–content may become irrelevant. Use your best judgement.

For instance, if customers are talking about an upcoming event, reply as the comments come in and help generate excitement! Any engagement is good, not just that which comes at these times.

Getting in on the rush hour is simple. With engaging content, a good attitude, and a pinch of luck, you can have organic growth without any extra work!

If you’d like to keep growing, Megan Killion Consulting is here to turn those likes into loves. Chat with me today and watch the clicks roll in, rush hour or not. Beep beep!