The Best Hashtags for Technology Startups

Forgetting to label your post with hashtags is like forgetting to label the spice jars in your drawer—it’s not a great look.

Before you go accidentally seasoning your pumpkin pie with equal parts onion powder and cardamom, let’s take a brief look at hashtags and why they matter, especially for your tech startup.

Hashtags are those little waffles you see below Instagram captions: #they #look #like #this!

Together with engaging content, they make the basis of most great social media campaigns. Their usage is two-fold. Firstly, users can click on hashtags across social media platforms to explore similar content and hobbies. If one post is hashtagged as a pumpkin pie recipe (hopefully without onions), they can see a feed of different recipes for inspiration.

Secondly, the algorithms use these hashtags to sort content more efficiently. This puts relevant posts in front of users who wish to see them and better retains user attention. By hashtagging, you are helping the internal systems of social media platforms to put your content where it belongs.

As a Tech Startup, your SEO will depend on hashtags to draw attention. A few general tips would be:

1. Look at the hashtags of your competitors. What seems to be working for them?
2. Research the hashtags of businesses that you want to emulate. Try to end up in their customer feed!
3. Use “trending” tabs to keep an eye on what content is popular right now. If there is a viral trend, you may be able to add to the conversation with a quick blurb!

According to the research at Best Hashtags, the list below contains the most successful hashtags for increasing viewership, visibility, and for entering engaging conversations.

Beginning first with the most popular hashtag in descending order:

#techstartups #tech #technology #startup #business #startups #techstartup #innovation #techbuddy #totechyworld #techsector #techneat #techaddiction #technohead #techtutorials #techconference #startupbusiness #techquote #technologyawards #technicalfest #technoglowproducts #technologyinformation #technopr #technologicalbusiness #startuplife #entrepreneurship #engineering #startupstory #science

These are a great launching off point, but don’t forget to integrate hashtags from your niche! If you work in AI, consider adding AI-related hashtags. If you work with creating super-strength prosthetics for cats, heck, put those in too! #thiskittyhasclaws

By keeping on top of hashtags with aggregate sites and casual market research, you can keep your brand relevant in the conversation through hashtags as a relatively simple and totally free tool.

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