The 3 C’s of Sales & Marketing copy

While it takes a while to get used to, email outreach is a fantastic way to connect with customers who perhaps didn’t even know that they were looking for a service.

That doesn’t mean you won’t catch a few people on a bad day. Sometimes with cold outreach, you won’t like what they have to say back. But hey, it bumps up the response rate, so computers don’t think you’re spam! Little victories, right?

We already touched on general marketing copy in a previous blog, so this post will be a short and sweet introduction to emails and a proven format that works for getting responses.

Keep those character counts close and your outreach lists closer. Let’s get into it.


It shouldn’t take a reader any mental effort to work out what you are selling or why they need it. Clarity can be quickly established by introducing a problem you solve, followed by why you are unique to suit it. Segmenting your emails allows you to focus on different targets without relying on broad language that could weaken your pitch.

It may feel overwhelming to condense your entire business into a single email, which is why you shouldn’t! Focus on value in one area and make it crystal clear. From there, you will build the rest of your offerings out through ongoing dialogue.

You’re here to extend a hand for shaking, not an arm and a leg. Be clear in your language and intent so they know exactly why they should be following up on your offerings.


You know those recipes that take half a day to scroll through before they tell you how to set your oven? Don’t be like that.

Similar to what was discussed above, your full value can come later. Focusing on the problem and pain you address as swiftly as possible and in as few words as manageable will open the door for a later proposal. For now, be concise and avoid wasting your reader’s time.


B2B is about problems and solutions. If you’ve worked in this industry as long as I have, or even if you’re coming from the perspective of a former employee who knows what organizational shortfalls look like from within, you understand how crippling pains can be. Your copy should anticipate and reflect the urgency of their situation and the benefits that business owners can expect when working with you.

Believe in your own product and showcase it through a compelling case that explains what makes you and your offerings unique. Just because your campaign is automated doesn’t mean you are, right?


For sales and marketing, email is where the major players get their work done. If you’re looking to fast-track your sales and marketing copy, please, get in touch! We’ll get you started with customized copy that is guaranteed to scale and convert or help you along in your outreach journey. After all, what’s more fun than sending an email? Sending 1,000 at a time, of course!