Solving Your Chaotic Marketing Tech Stack With Hubspot

Trying to figure out the perfect marketing tech stack can be challenging at best and chaotic at worst. More often than not, it likely stretches closer to the chaotic side of the spectrum.

And that chaos becomes a problem when you realize that optimizing your marketing tech stack is essential to ensuring that your company achieves its marketing goals and becomes the best it possibly can be. It gets even more problematic when you stop to think that there are nearly 7,000 tools, software, apps, and more that you could potentially add to your marketing arsenal. So how are you supposed to choose the right tools for your business while also making sure that each component of your stack integrates seamlessly with all the others?

There’s a pretty simple solution to that. After pouring over different solutions for longer than we’d care to admit, we’ve found that Hubspot is the best all-in-one tool for your marketing tech stack. Don’t get us wrong, all CRMs have their failings, but Hubspot is the best solution we’ve found thus far.

Let us break it down for you.


What Is A Marketing Tech Stack?

We’re glad you asked. A marketing tech stack is a collection of tools, software, apps, and technologies used by marketers and marketing businesses to conduct, enhance, and streamline their marketing campaigns.

Marketing tech stacks typically include software for email automation, live chat or chatbots, analytics tools, SEO, social media management, ad tracking and management, lead generation tools, and content management systems.

When you factor in the 7,000 tools, apps, and software on the market today, it can be pretty terrifying trying to decide which tools are best for which part of your marketing strategy. Should you use MailChimp or Campaign Monitor for email automation? Is HootSuite better than BuzzSumo for your social media marketing? What about Salesforce, Freshsales CRM, Sugar CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics?

You see where we’re going with this. How on earth do you know which to choose? Of course, you could spend the time and money to compare and contrast any number of marketing tech stack tools, but honestly, who’s going to do that?

Well, us. We did it, so you don’t have to. And what we found is that Hubspot is the best bang for your buck in terms of all-in-one marketing solutions.


What Can Hubspot Do?

Just looking at the few marketing tech stack needs we mentioned above, let’s see what Hubspot can offer you.

SEO: Marketing Hub Hubspot’s marketing software includes an SEO tool that takes the mystery out of the scary, ever-evolving world of SEO. This software not only gives you recommendations on how to best optimize your site for SEO, but it does so in priority ranking “to show which optimizations will have the most impact on your performance in search.”

Social Media Management: Marketing Hub can help you manage your social media with a single solution. It reduces the time you’ll spend scrolling through all your different social media feeds by combining them all into a single system that you can publish right from the same place where you create your campaigns. It also includes keyword monitoring so you can see all your mentions with the click of a button, as well as link every social media interaction you’ve had back to your CRM so you can easily report on your social media ROI. “Spend less time monitoring social media, and more time nurturing relationships.”

Ad Tracking and Management: Hubspot’s ad software included in their Marketing Hub allows you to measure the ROI of every single ad campaign you publish across all platforms. It also enables you to “Create deeply segmented audiences and personalized ads through features like ads optimization events, campaign management,  and lookalike audiences.” You can build custom lists that will target visitors to your website at specific stages of their purchasing journey based directly on data from your CRM.

Email Automation: Your email automation has never been easier with Marketing Hub, where you can automate email drip campaigns easily and without the need for code. It also allows you to set triggers, actions, and conditions to ensure that you’re sending emails to the right people at the right times. Pairing your email campaign workflows to your goals in the Marketing Hub means you can analyze the success of all of your campaigns and so much more.

Chatbots: Live chat and Chatbots integrated into Hubspot’s Marketing Hub allow you to chat with your website’s visitors in real-time. This helps you convert new leads, provide amazing support, and close deals faster than ever. With the live chat feature, you can route prospects to the right department at the right time so that you’ll never miss another possible sale. And to top it off, every conversation had with your chatbot or through your live chat is automatically saved in your conversations inbox and on the contact’s timeline, so you can see every interaction with a prospect and exactly when it happened.



This is just a fraction of the features found in Hubspot’s Marketing Hub. So if you’ve been looking for a marketing tech stack that takes away the chaos and allows you to track and optimize your marketing for your business, we genuinely believe there’s no better solution than Hubspot.

What’s more, we’re now an authorized dealer and implementer of Hubspot so that we can do all that heavy lifting for you. Book an appointment with us today, and let’s take the chaos out of your marketing tech stack.