Social Media Management & Moderation

We’re the social media marketing experts who help B2B technology marketers and business leaders reach more people and generate more leads.

We know what works because we’ve been there ourselves: we’ve built successful social media marketing programs for some of the biggest names in business today, and now we want to share our secrets with you!

Let us help you achieve your goals by boosting your presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

75% of B2B buyers use social media
to make purchasing decisions


Do you feel like you’re juggling a million balls in the air? You know social media is powerful, and it could be going better, but you need to figure out how to get it done with everything else you’re doing? We’re here to help.


We take your social media by storm. We provide content creation, ideation, moderation, and scheduling on as many platforms as possible. Get a cohesive, branded social media presence without doing any of the heavy lifting. Social media management packages may include an initial intake evaluation and monthly meeting!


Need to avoid posting and ghosting? We’ve got you. We can moderate across multiple platforms and respond to users. If something is above our understanding, we’ll quickly alert the relevant internal teams from your company. If you want to protect your time, assign another point person for questions from prospects on social.

We're A Marketing Agency That Will Help You Sell More

Done well, B2B social media marketing drives awareness before prospects even consider competitors. Social Media can educate leads on how you solve their specific problems. It reminds employees and customers to refer you and makes sharing content easy.

We help busy B2B technology companies: 

  • Grow their audience
  • Build awareness of their brand
  • Position themselves as thought leaders
  • Manage communities
  • Attract talent
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Find their voice
  • Define their ideal customers
  • Decide on a marketing mix
  • Get started with MarTech solutions 

Your Team can leverage us in three distinct ways 

  • Training
    • When you need marketing, sales, or executive leadership advice, we’re here to help. We deliver instructional content through done-for-you creative templates, ghostwriting, personalized workshops, and custom reports.
    • We’re a team of experienced strategists who deliver results by providing the direction your team needs when they need it most.
    • We offer our services for an affordable price so that no matter what budget you have available, we can accommodate you. Our goal is to ensure your business succeeds, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen!
  • Campaign Management
    • We specialize in helping companies increase their visibility through managed social media marketing campaigns. We’ve helped many businesses achieve their goals—from product launches to tentpole events—and we can do the same for you! Managed social media marketing campaigns, including all the planning, creative, ad optimization, and accountability of our agile marketing retainers for a fixed period.
  • Ongoing Social Media Management
    • We’re the Social Medics!
    • We’re here to help you get your social media strategy back on track.
    • The recipe for long-term social media growth includes a customer-centered content strategy, an agile team, and measurable goals. After we help you lay that foundation, the scope of our ongoing marketing retainers can flex as we test, learn, and grow.

Our Prices


$ 2,000 Monthly
  • Content create for one platform, posted on up to 2.
  • Up to 3 posts a week, including a combination of original and curated content from an experienced marketing consultant in your field.
  • Scheduling & Posting
  • Content Creation
  • Ideation
  • Moderation
  • Initial Consult Included


$ 3,000 Monthly
  • Content created for 2 platforms, posted on up to 4.
  • Up to 5 posts a week per platform, including a combination of original and curated content from an experienced marketing consultant in your field.
  • Everything in Single X 2
  • Quarterly Performance Review


$ 4,000 Monthly
  • Content created for up to 3 platforms, posted on up to 6.
  • Up to 5 posts a week per platform, including a combination of original and curated content from an experienced marketing consultant in your field.
  • Everything in Single X 3
  • Custom Targeting
  • Portal Access and Analytics
  • Monthly Social Strategy Consult

"Get it done"

$ 6,500 Monthly
  • Unlimited platforms, unlimited posts. We just handle it. You never worry about social media again.
  • Everything in Single, Double and Triple Unlimited
  • Shared Slack Channel