MKC Agency: Our Journey to #22 on Agency Spotter’s Top 100 Marketing Agencies


It’s with immense pride we share that MKC Agency has been named #22 in Agency Spotter’s Top 100 Marketing Agencies. This recognition isn’t just a number—it’s a reflection of our journey, our unique approach, and the unwavering commitment to our clients and team.


Our Journey to #22:

MKC Agency’s story begins with Megan Killion, a visionary who transformed her life from a young homeless single mother to a successful business owner. Megan’s journey—characterized by resilience, determination, and a desire to make a difference—has been the guiding light for MKC Agency. By focusing on hiring marginalized talent, including single moms, POCs, neurodivergent individuals, and remote workers from diverse backgrounds, we’ve built a team that’s not just skilled but truly passionate about making an impact, one person at a time. 


MKC Agency started as Megan Killion Consulting in 2018 – after Megan had twins and lost both her parents within a year. She realized she had to leave the boardroom and started MKC as a way to balance work and life. After being dubbed a “king maker”, Megan felt it was time to crown herself. 


Hitting the ground running, when she scaled her consultancy into our agency she scaled to 20K/month in MRR within her first 3 months as an agency owner. Proving once again the efficacy of her sales strategies.


Our process starts with deep analysis. We’ve kept our roots as a consultancy and our goal is to foster scalable growth for our clients. No cheesy, unethical “get rich quick” tactics around here. Just proven effective strategies for everything from “trunk slayers” to national IT companies.


What Sets Us Apart:

MKC Agency stands out through our foundational approach to client onboarding, strategic consulting, and sales enablement. By diving deep into buyer personas, crafting messaging matrices, and establishing effective call formulas, we ensure tailored strategies that resonate with our clients’ unique needs. Our work, powered by GlassHive and focused on sales enablement, is detailed on our team page, showcasing the experts behind our success.


The Importance of Being in the Top 100:

Ranking #22 on Agency Spotter’s list is a significant milestone, underscoring our leadership in marketing for B2B tech and MSPs. It not only validates our innovative strategies but also our commitment to ethical marketing. This recognition motivates us to continue our mission, knowing our approach not only resonates but also sets a standard in the industry.


A Grateful Thank You to Our Clients:

Our journey to the top would not have been possible without our clients – ServIQ, TaylorWorks, ThinkTech, Commprise, JK Tech, and National Technology Management. Your trust and collaboration have been instrumental in our success, and we’re honored to be part of your growth stories.


The Future of MKC Agency:

Looking ahead, MKC Agency is poised for even greater achievements. Our Vision Traction Organizer outlines ambitious goals to scale 100 MSPs’ revenue with ethical sales and marketing practices and elevate 100 underrepresented talents. Our future is bright, filled with opportunities to significantly impact the MSP community and beyond.


Ready to elevate your MSP’s marketing and sales strategy? Connect with us to discover how MKC Agency’s bespoke solutions can drive your business forward.


Our #22 ranking on Agency Spotter’s Top 100 Marketing Agencies is more than an achievement; it’s a stepping stone toward realizing our vision of ethical and impactful marketing. With a clear path forward and a team committed to excellence, MKC Agency is excited to shape the future of B2B tech and MSP marketing.