MKC Agency has entered the chat!

We’re so pumped to share an exciting update on our rebrand to MKC Agency!


While we’ve been operating as an Agency since October 2021, we hadn’t rolled out our new branding across all our channels…until now. We’ll be moving ahead with our rebrand in the coming days, so stay tuned for a brand-new look and feel to our website and socials!


If you missed our move into becoming an agency-style business, here’s the low-down on what is changing, what to expect as we rebrand, and what great things are staying the same–because why fix it if it ain’t broken? 


In with the New


To mark the culmination of our transition from a sole proprietorship business to an agency-style company, we’re updating our identity with a new look, a new name, and a new team structure. With this fresh direction, we are enjoying new and interesting chances to collaborate with more people and assist more businesses in their marketing efforts.


Here’s a little taste of our new visual identity:


Our Team


Our team has always been one of our biggest strengths as a business. Our staff love what they do, are fully invested in their work, and pour creativity and energy into every project that crosses their desk. Whether the team working on your project consists of freelancers, consultants, agencies or now, even direct hires, we expect the same level of dedication and passion from each contributor who touches your brands!


We have a dedicated team of amazing account and project managers who will oversee and manage all our accounts. If Megan is your current account manager, worry not, nothing is changing with this rebrand. She’ll continue to bring you the same service and support you’re used to with MKC Agency! 


Our team of sales and support staff will continue working closely with Megan, our Project Leads, and our clients to provide customized marketing solutions that fit our clients’ brands and meet their unique needs, all within the timeframe required.


We’ve made some key new hires, and you may be getting introduced to new team mates in the coming days, weeks and months. Some of our sales staff are starting to transition into account management roles or expanding their creative influence here at the agency. You can check out our team page for more info about each member of the team! We’ve also brought on new partners! 


We look forward to continuing to scale up our services, resources, and offerings in 2023; speaking of which–haaaaaaave you met HubSpot?


HubSpot Partnership


We also want to highlight another exciting development for MKC Agency: we are now an official HubSpot Partner Agency.


As a HubSpot Partner, MKC Agency stands out as an inbound marketing firm that has demonstrated its ability to deliver sales and marketing services utilizing the HubSpot platform. SEO, paid marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, web design, social media marketing, and analytics are just some of the services we provide, with a strong focus on growth marketing.


At MKC Agency, we will continue to offer a large variety of add-on services that will boost your leads, increase the effectiveness of your inbound marketing efforts and expand your sales when combined with HubSpot.


Since we’re already talking tools, most of you have already met Poseidon


Poseidon Partnership

If you signed up more than 3 months ago you probably got a KILLER 6 month free-trial with Poseidon. As both of our businesses have grown, we’ve had to tone down our freebies just a smidge to provide excellent customer support to our existing users. All our clients now qualify for a 2-week trial of Poseidon, our premier social outreach partner. 


Poseidon is a powerful tool for outbound messaging on LinkedIn and email as well as dialing, and recording calls. Let your account manager know if you’d like a demo!


Service With a Smile

We continue to offer awesome add-ons and services to our loyal customers (and prospective clients!). These include:



We are proud to be announcing our brand-new identity as MKC Agency, and we look forward to working alongside you for your next project!


By the way–since we have some experience in the matter–if you’re considering a rebrand for your business, give us a shout, and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs and how MKC Agency can help.