Logo Design Tips & Tricks for the Digital Age

Feeling loco when creating your logo? There is so much to keep in mind — whether you’re updating your logo for 2022, or in the midst of a total rebranding, it can feel like you’ve looked at so much, you’re not sure what looks good anymore.

The fact is that we are completely inundated with logos on the web. It’s difficult to parse things out and know what’s going to be right for you and your brand, especially if you’re a small business looking for branding guidance. One thing, for sure: we know what we like, and we gravitate towards the logos that draw us in and — make us feel something.

Grab your kombucha and read on if you’re seriously wondering about the basic ways of making your logo stand out in the Digital Age.

The Simpler, the Better

It’s no secret that a simply-designed logo is more memorable. We are inspired by the simplicity of logos like the Nike swoosh, McDonald’s M — and when we see them alone, we understand their message because it’s like seeing an old friend. We are calmed and comforted by simplicity. Another trick to finding your perfect, simple logo is that if you imagine how big or small it is, it still conveys the same values.

Set a Controlled Revision Standard

Your process for editing our logo can go on forever. Don’t let it. Set firm limits with how many revisions you will go through before you land on the final product. Also, be wary of too many cooks in the kitchen. So many companies’ brands become compromised with too many opinions, and the image starts to deteriorate. You’ll find that when you stick with the same team and have a clear and determined vision of when the logo portion of the branding needs to be completed, you will find more success.

Look Past Your Logo

Don’t just design a logo – design the entire culture! Prototype the logo on items in your home as well as in your office. Design your logo for anything in your wardrobe, or items in your bathroom; design for both a billboard and a cereal box. Before you settle on any one color, or font, bring the logo into your world and your space as your target market will.

A Brand With Any Other Logo…

The best branding companies have a little secret: amazing designs, remarkable advertisements, and awesome stories spread like wildfire when spread digitally. The capacity for something to spread — its ability to move through space — is how business works. How information is passed between family, friends and colleagues. When advertisers think about how you’re going to use and see a product, they think about how you’re going to share the information to others. There is an intrinsic value in sharing. This is how companies can convince you that they’re not trying to sell you anything — this type of spreading of information allows for the product to take on its own life. Put life into your logo — a little magic, a little story, a joke or an adventure, and people will want to share it.

If you want some more branding guidance, or looking for a complete brand kit, make a booking with me today! Together we can build a logo that pops off the page — hopefully with your revenue doing the same.