LinkedIn Hiring Hacks

For a while now, LinkedIn has become the place to be when it comes to B2B. The massive number of connections, active users, and collaboration between communities is unparalleled in any other social media platform—not to mention the hiring features built into the site.

When you sign up for LinkedIn, it is not like Facebook, where any unsolicited “friend request” may be a hidden ploy to send lewd photos. Users across relevant industries send connection requests, and users exchange product details, consultation, or even human resources freely. There is still spam, of course, but these are easily vetted since connections must be “accepted” before they can join your network through comments and visibility into your post activity.

For readers looking to upgrade their LinkedIn skills, this blog will go into a few “hacks” that will help you be discovered and help land you jobs in your dream field.

The “Open To Work” Tab

LinkedIn has introduced a feature to make hires more visible—the “Open to Work” option for your profile and photo. This little add-on to your profile picture lets recruiters know at a glance that you are open to work. You can locate this at the “Career Interests” tab of your profile—a shortcut can be found here.

Seriously—it doesn’t get much simpler than this. One click, and you’ll be walking around LinkedIn with the hiring equivalent of an “I ❤️ NY” t-shirt for outing tourists. Activating this feature is especially helpful when you send resumes for jobs that may take a while to get back to you since it removes the ambiguity of your employment status.

Connect With Recruiters Directly

While some job postings will have a tab pointing to the hiring person, not all posts are recruited equally. If you’re looking to personalize your application or reach out with questions on qualifications, it’s encouraged to reach out to recruiters directly through LinkedIn!

As you discover companies of interest to you (whether through posts on LinkedIn or elsewhere), explore their page and look through their staff list for the recruiting manager or other senior-level employees in the department.

Connecting directly with employers means putting your best face forward. Ensure your profile is up-to-date, that your message is clear and to the point, and that you don’t have anything hiding on your social media that might detract from their interest in you as a candidate.

Whenyou cannot afford to drop the ball (like dream jobs), I offer templates and copy as part of “brand kits” that you can explore here.

Focus On Your Profile’s Look

Remember, LinkedIn is like a dating profile for jobs. Let’s spice things up for you with a few tips:

For most people, the banner is an afterthought. Choosing a compelling image that plays into your interests shows not only professionalism but that you are flexible and dynamic with your messaging.

Be as confident in your profile photo as you would be on the job. Throw on that “nice” shirt, find some good rays, and get your smile on. Use keywords in your headline, not just your job title. Recruiters will search using all kinds of phrases—the more diverse your title, the more likely it will be to grab a recruiter’s attention.

Don’t be shy with asking for recommendations. Co-workers can quickly and easily vouch for each other online, creating a network of comments that will ensure future successes without having to reach out again in the event you lose access to company contacts.

Having a strong LinkedIn presence isn’t only helpful for getting jobs and contacts—it’s also fun. Through LinkedIn, you connect with users who are passionate about achieving success in their business relationships and actively seeking growth opportunities. Keeping these tips in mind and spending a bit of time learning about the online culture will ensure you fit right in and have an entire hivemind’s access to information at your fingertips.

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