Life Hacks

Life these days can feel stressful and complicated, so let’s take a few light moments out of your day and provide you with some helpful life hacks to get you through!

  • Learn to say ‘no.’

Say no when it’s a ‘hell no’ and yes and when it’s a ‘hell yes!’. If the vibe is off, chances are it’s not meant for you anyway ☺ The inability to set boundaries can create unhealthy dynamics in all facets of your life, so saying no once in a while can go a long way.

  • Buy another portable charger (or five!) already!

Staying connected is probably your top priority in your business, and getting that dreaded low battery notification at lunchtime is our collective worst nightmare! We never have enough chargers around, so just simplify your life already and buy a few in bulk. Scatter them everywhere – your phone and sanity will thank you.

Pro-tip: this same logic applies to WIFI extenders! I know I’m not the only one constantly using up data when out of range in my home.

  • Keep snacking.

Not a big meal kind of person? Optimize your day and ensure you’re fueling your temple with nutritious snacks along the way. Self-care sometimes looks like reminding yourself to eat, even if only in incremental bits. Think about nutrient-dense snacks if you’re constantly on the go!

  • Stop incessantly checking your emails.

Deadlines and work distractions increase stress and cortisol levels, making it difficult for the body to get the relaxation it needs. Disconnect from your devices every day for at least an hour before bed to give your brain time to restore. Pandemic life has us all living in a bit of allostatic fog and working extra long hours. Find frequent opportunities for screen breaks to give your body the breaks it needs throughout the day.

  • Unsubscribe from useless lists.

Clutter clutter, everywhere – especially in our inboxes! Hit the unsubscribe button, and your email will thank you. Not only that, but you will hit your storage limits less quickly and keep your contact information more private from unsubbing from those useless lists.

  • Do your most important task first!

Priorities! Whether it’s your most time-sensitive or oldest tasks, create a hierarchy of importance and list off each item requiring your attention. Have you ever tried writing out a list and ticking it off when you complete it? The brain registers physically written information in a more significant way than if you typed it, so maybe keeping a handy notepad at your desk is a good idea!

Remember: life is beautiful! From life hacks to marketing magic, MKC is always there to provide valuable insights