Leveraging Case Studies to Drive Demand

When you’ve hit a home run in your marketing project, case studies are a perfect victory lap.

Case studies are bite-sized packets that put months of struggle into simple terms. While it’s tempting to take a picture of a burning trash can of rejected drafts and edits—that might not be what prospective clients want to see when they are researching your portfolio.

Putting together case studies can be a supplement for your pitch deck, a great follow-up email attachment for clients who are considering your services, or a way of displaying your marketing range across many industries and voices.

A case study can drive demand, especially when you can leverage the attention garnered by your projects to serve as a funnel for your services. Let’s talk about what that could look like for your business! Case Studies to Drive Demand-

What is a Case Study?

A case study puts your business practices into a real-world context by showing off the results of your past work. While you may have nailed all the action points and branding of making your business sound like a slam-dunk on paper, clients will still want to see these in full effect.

Furthermore, the promises you make during your pitch will often face extenuating circumstances when put into practice. A case study showcases how you navigated mounting challenges with ease.

Putting together a case study should pull together what makes you unique, what made the challenge a true test of your skills, and any success the client has found with your solutions. The end product should be digestible, visually pleasing, and geared to highlighting the best results to come out of your efforts.

Once you get past any PTSD of reliving all of the hurdles, a case study is a fantastic way to drive demand. After all, your services are the product you are selling. By showing off how it is that you do what you do, you are showing off the potential you can offer other businesses.

How Does a Case Study Drive Demand?

A case study drives demand by being a testament to your effectiveness and flexibility. For successful deployments, especially ongoing projects such as brand kits or internal communication guides, your marketing project exists as a living organism—gathering credibility, outreach, and connections as the client’s company grows.

For instance, if a prospective client comes across branding they find agreeable in a past publication, they will earmark those aesthetics for their own branding projects. In attaching your name to these desired traits, you are at the forefront of their mind for a new deployment. It also showcases your familiarity with the field and reinforces that you can research new fields effectively and have already built a familiarity with the concepts.

How Should I Market a Case Study to Drive Demand?

Having a reputation for effective messaging is one of the quickest ways to build credibility and demand within an industry. As your portfolio of case studies grows, you may consider shifting your SEO and content strategies to push yourself as an expert in a specific field. Your projects will still stand on their own merits for those outside of the specialization (like Cannabis, SaaS, Cloud), but for those working in that chosen industry, you will be a go-to—increasing referrals and SEO positioning.

Make your case studies easily accessible within your site, and create a simple graphic that aggregates the visual assets. Offer testimonials and positive references wherever possible, and share any articles which reference your work or rebrand. Having a relationship with your clients shows a level of collaboration that helps assuage worries that come along with handing off your branding project off to external hands.

Marketing your work is as important to B2B as marketing yourself.

Having a compelling portfolio of successful case studies will drive demand for both your services and your efficacy as an empathetic problem solver. You’ve helped make other brands understandable in market terms, it’s time to do the same for yourself!

Whether you’re stuck on the writing, the layout, or the marketing of your own case studies, I’m happy to help. Megan Killion Consulting will put your best foot forward in giving you the victory lap you deserve. Let’s get in touch to get started!