Keys to Supercharge Your LinkedIn

If you’re reading this on your phone, there’s a good chance you have at least one “useless” app. Something free, maybe something that acts a shelf-hanging level or lets you add mustaches to your selfies. It was free, after all! Why not give it a try?

Now, what if I told you that there was a free service that could connect you with over 700 million professionals across the globe in your industry and every industry you could ever hope to break into?

If you’ve got time in your day for Farmville, you’ve got time for LinkedIn.

Transforming your digital strategies with LinkedIn (not Farmville, let’s be clear) is simple, powerful, and quite fun. A study by StatisticBrain tells us that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site. These numbers have ballooned even larger since companies began posting remote work positions and connecting with applicants through the intuitive platform.

While the full functionality of the site requires a membership, they do offer trials for new members to experience the benefits that access can offer.

I’m a huge fan of the platform and how it’s shaping B2B and beyond. In this blog, I’ll go over a few tips that will make your LinkedIn strategy pop without having to spend an extra dollar on your marketing.

Be Ceremonious — Make Your Title a Headline

Like Subway employees, you’re not just a chef; you’re a “sandwich artist.” You’re a superhero who hangs their cape on the back of their cubicle chair—isn’t it time everyone knew that?

Listing a job title succinctly is the job of a recruiter. Once you are in a role, you are uniquely equipped to sell yourself on what you do, not just what you do on paper. Having a title that reflects both your position and the unique qualities that make you the perfect fit you are.

Be modest but adventurous. Having a compelling and compound job title is a great way to stand out from the crowd and to have recruiters investigate you further.

Don’t Just Share, Re-Write Content

If you are a business owner with followers on both your professional and business page, you might find that one page has grown to a higher level of engagement than the other. Frequently, I come across clients who are sharing their business posts to their personal page in hopes they drive similar engagement. Sadly, to the algorithm, this is a no-no.

LinkedIn prioritizes original content over shares and reposts. Taking the time to copy the content over to your own post (and vice versa) before sending could be the difference between someone seeing your post or the algorithm burying it in the big field out back.

Grow Your Network, Don’t Be Shy

Someone commenting, liking, or sharing your post is them holding the elevator door open. Don’t be shy—jump on in!

To prevent unwanted messaging, LinkedIn hides content that users post and share until after you have “connected.” This system means that the more people you connect with and the more people you accept into your network, the more content you will have access to. Having more connections means seeing more polls, trending posts, job opportunities, and more!

Being a wallflower on LinkedIn is like being a wallflower at a party, except there’s no music to keep you company. Approach connections with an open mind—you never know what they could offer you now or later down the line.