Inventive Ways To Keep Your Tweets to Tweet Character Limits

It could be considered an art form to consolidate your characters on Twitter, or it could be considered madness. Whether you’ve been using Twitter for years, or you’ve just begun Tweeting yesterday, once you start to use the 280 character restriction as a creative limitation, it will become much easier when crafting the perfect Tweet. Here are some helpful tips on how to improve your tweeting capabilities: 

Think Global

If you would like to appeal to a broader demographic, build your audience while sounding intellectual, then it will be important to start Tweeting in multiple languages. There’s a survey by Eurobarometer that states 90% of European world wide web users prefer browsing in their own language. To tap into this market, it will be necessary — maybe even crucial for you to begin translating your content. It’s true that a lot of brands have yet to understand the significance of multilingual Tweets — they don’t yet see the value and don’t have the time or resources to invest — but it’s fairly simple to translate tweets using Google Translate: a free translation service.

The Magic of Multiples 

Another trick is to include multiple links in one single tweet. That’s right! Maximize that overall reach like a social media wizard by incorporating the link alongside a photo or image and — alakazam! — the real attention-grabbing magic starts to happen. And with this character limit, the possibilities are endless! Include links to web pages, landing sites, blog posts, or even store listings!

Encore, you say? Another maneuver is strategic URL placement: put your URL in the middle of your tweet to increase your chances of getting reTweeted by 26%. Some more statistics to help you get more engagement can be found on Postcron.

Remember this card trick: you can pull in 34% more re-tweets with images!

Sorcery you say? You are 33% increase in the chances that you will get retweeted if you incorporate creative hashtags into the post text.

Get Really Creative

Design your own brand-based emoji pattern with the values you want your audience to be aware of. Take the opportunity to play around, and think about what will make people laugh and keep scrolling. Get silly, get playful!

Check this page out for some inspiration!

Two For One

Give your followers an alternate form of delivery of news and updates by broadcasting two stories in one Tweet. Break your Tweet into sections for easy audience viewership. Find some trending stories to share on Twitter, and keep track of certain keywords using this social media monitoring tool.

To find trending topics and stories to share on Twitter, use a social media monitoring tool to keep an eye on conversations surrounding a particular keyword. You can set up a set of keywords you want to monitor and you have complete control on how searches are to be conducted and how matches are determined.

Break It Up

Give your Tweets a tweak and incorporate line breaks. Make your Tweet stand out! Elucidate! Expand! Give more context by filling up space with lists or detailed instructions. By breaking the content up, you will make your Tweet look more organized, the readability increases and therefore will be more pleasing to the audience’s eye.

It’s not such a bad thing after all, is it? Honestly, you’re being given a chance to prove that you can catch people’s eye in an innovative and imaginative capacity, and create some really outstanding Tweets! The possibilities are boundless, as long as you stick to the 280-character count, of course!

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