How to Nail B2B Marketing

When you’re selling B2B services, you’re not just taking your own bottom line into consideration—you are pitching yourself as a much-needed part of another company. Traditionally, B2B Marketing involves first qualifying steps and engaging in pointed, meaningful conversations with decision-makers that ensure that your product is not just a good fit for the business you are talking to, but an enticing one. Your B2B Marketing strategy should involve a few key features that this blog will detail, namely clarity of your intent, an extensive understanding of your client’s business, and maybe even a touch of humility when it comes to what you can offer. You can’t bring the moon close enough to touch, but you can get some new clients in the pipeline while securing and focusing on a niche to ensure market presence. Inspired by this article on Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies, here are some of my tips on how to nail your B2B Marketing and scale your revenue with ease.

Research And Explore The Field

Understanding the field your client works in shouldn’t be an exhausting process—it should excite and inspire you. After all, the company you are marketing for entered this space because they saw a good reason to, even if you can’t see it. It’s time to dust off that library card—B2B Marketing involves a lot of research. Show up to your prospect call with a baseline understanding of the industry dynamics, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re selling yourself as a B2B Marketer honestly, your client will understand that you are an expert in what you do (marketing) just as they are an expert in what they do (seafood taxidermy, cereal box toy manufacturing, what have you) and will not “judge” you for being inexperienced. Be an eager and humble learner, from the first call to the first campaign. Your client called you for a discussion on marketing, not a lecture.

Have A Strong Message And Intent

A solid B2B Marketing message ties back to the honesty we discussed above, but it is more human in deployment. Some companies love aggression. They drink their rye at lunch and blow off steam at the Fight Club later. For these companies, you should ask yourself—am I an aggressive, results-driven marketer who gets it done no matter what? If so, that message may not play as well with a startup company that fosters dogs in the office and knows employee birthdays by rote. There is room for both in B2B Marketing. Finding your niche is about your personality as much as it is about your skills. Being honest and upfront about the kind of marketer you are will help mitigate misunderstandings later on down the line and help keep everyone’s expectations realistic—not to mention giving you the freedom to be yourself.

Outsource When You Need To

I used to think outsourcing meant you had thrown in the towel. It turns out it means you are just getting started. Just like surgeons don’t swab floors and mechanics don’t file invoices, a robust B2B Marketer should be focusing their efforts on the strategies that make the most difference when they apply themselves. Your day may look like scheduling social media posts and auditing website links when you start, but eventually, you will grow beyond this. When over 50% of your day is dedicated to working on projects rather than growing your business, it’s time to consider outsourcing. By giving yourself the space to work meaningfully, you are bringing more value to not just your own life but the client’s as well. They are paying you for expertise—something that often involves more planning than it does implementation. I have already posted a blog on the topic of Best Outsourced Marketing Agencies here—check it out!  
  Nailing your B2B Marketing is a game of precision. Not just in terms of SEO, website performance, strategy, and metrics, but your capacities and vision. By articulating your value proposition and coming up with a set of coherent and actionable strategies, you can start bringing value to your clients as early as in the qualifying call. I help brands and agencies reach their full potential through meaningful strategizing, consultation, brand building, and more. See my list of services here, and get in touch if you’re ready to truly nail your next B2B Marketing strategy.