How to Delete a YouTube Video

Whether you accidentally uploaded a lousy take, a glitched file, or even that “very special” video meant for specifically a very special someone, it’s not the end of the world to put the wrong video out on YouTube.

The stars on stage have Autotune, remember? Well, we have a set of editing tools that can help you take down the wrong content and swiftly get your message back out there. Below is a short guide on removing or deleting your uploaded videos from YouTube on a desktop computer.


Step 1: Log In

This is simple. Through the Sign In icon in the top right corner, you can log in to your existing account. If you’re already logged in, feel free to skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Open Your Channel Shortcuts

Once you are logged in, your channel photo will appear where the Sign In button typically does, on the top right of the home page. Clicking this will open a list of shortcuts.

Step 3: Go to “YouTube Studio”

From this drop-down menu, select “YouTube Studio” to take you to where your videos live on your channel.

Step 4: Open Your “Content” Menu

On the left side of the page, click “Content” to go directly to your videos below your channel icon.

Step 5: Locate Your Video

From the list of your videos, locate the content you’d like to see removed.

Step 6: Delete Away!

As you hover over your target video, a menu will appear. Selecting the three dots will open a new dropdown menu, with a button at the bottom allowing you to delete the video forever. Easy peasy!

Follow these simple steps, and your mistake will be your little secret. While deleting certainly feels good, sometimes editing the video using YouTube Studio tools such as trimming, replacing thumbnails, or adding end screens are more beneficial ways of salvaging videos before you lose all those likes and comments!

For more guides like this, Megan Killion Consulting services online or in-person are a great way to handle the basics of brand-building. We can’t promise you there won’t be any mistakes going forwards, but we’ll do our best to fix them! Contact me today to get started on a better brand together!