How Technology Companies Can Best Leverage Outsourced Marketing?

Getting started with outsourced marketing for technology companies is a practice I continue to endorse heavily. Illustrating how it is best done involves understanding the overall business practices (both personal and professional) that outsourced marketing can help with.

The best technology organizations have a great combination of personalities—not just big decision-makers and talkers, but also those who can continue to put their head down, throw a meme in the group chat every so often, and get the job done. Implementers and inventors, planners and doers.

If you’ve ever wanted to clone someone at the office, think again—the unique traits of your employees (and management) exist in a delicate ecosystem. It’s more than just a game of maximizing numbers. In that same way, outsourcing marketing isn’t just taking numbers (output and productivity) out of one set of hands and putting them into the hands of an external team; it is shifting the way your workweek looks by offering you the flexibility to be a better leader.

That’s not meant to be read as a self-help phrase. It means that the more time you spend optimizing your team and refining your vision, the more likely you will be to create an enduring and successful company.

Outsourcing your marketing is a strategy first and foremost. You are exchanging time for production. Just like you invest in your workplace and employee well-being to make sure your salary for valuable work is as equitable as possible, trading your money for outsourced marketing should come with many-fold considerations that make it the most effective exchange possible.

This blog will detail a couple of these strategies.

Think Big Picture

If you were to win a million dollars, you might buy a Porsche. But if you were to win an extra thirty hours a week, what would you do then?

Thinking about the big picture applies to your technology company in the same way it might be strategic to think about your Sunday home cleaning. Namely: what do I have time for, and what takes priority?

When you revisit the number of hours saved through outsourced marketing, you can start to think about new possibilities. Projects that may have taken a backseat due to the content creation and user update cycle may be rebooted since there will be more time to consider them.

The materials and vision you supply to your marketing team will also help you identify, clarify, and properly internalize your idea for your technology and company. Thinking big picture in terms of what you can and should do with newfound time should be prioritized when working outsourced marketing into your growth strategy.

Be Bold And Collaborative

Many technology companies are role models in their products, not their aesthetics. It is no wonder that Apple is widely loved, as they were generally the first to bring an artistic vision to their lineup of consumer products. Remember when everything was clunky and that strange off-cream color?

A great outsourced marketing team can bring the creative vision and skills necessary to succeed where you could not alone. Ask your outsourced marketing team specifically about their skills and where they have seen past results. Then, compare that to other technology company strategies that you are taking inspiration from.

Long-Term Strategize

Like relationships, either you get married, or you break up. The same can be said of your marketing partnership—and it’s more likely you’ll break up.

When that day comes, don’t be left out in the dark about what they were doing and how their thinking brought you tremendous success. Keep track of your metrics and the strategies that were being employed. If your marketing team was sending automated outreach, secure an email list from them so you may continue. If they are branding content, have them supply you with a brand kit to reproduce illustrations and fonts effectively in the future. If they were working on a keyword strategy, have them offboard you with those materials so you can continue with a long-term strategy.

Your outsourced marketing is a march towards better things. Let them show you the path so that you can keep going after they’ve parted.


Outsourcing your marketing can feel like letting your kid drive your car to pick up their date. It takes trust, mutual vision, and no amount of lost sleep. But when your technology company has outlined its goals, collaborated on big-idea projects, and secured a long-term strategy for ongoing fruition, you can get back to all of the things that make your company stand above the rest.

My team is experienced in outsourced marketing, and I’m eager to walk you through more of what the process offers. Contact me today to get started, or book a meeting and we will look at all of these strategies and more to better scale your revenue.