How Outsourced MarTech Experts Can Maximize Your Reach & Revenue

When 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, how can you afford not to maximize your digital marketing presence and potential?

The digital world offers marketers more points of leverage than we have ever known before—from video marketing integrated with streaming platforms, geo-specific targeting social media campaigns that show banner ads to online shoppers who once abandoned their carts, and much more. How can one enter this new field of competing technologies and develop a tech stack that is both cost-effective and capable of increasing revenue?

MarTech doesn’t just employ human expertise anymore. Where once consultation on copy or brand direction was enough, agile brands who want to compete digitally must use all of the tools available or be pushed to the back of a search engine or algorithmic content page—somewhere no brand wants to be.

Just as I.T. can be outsourced to managed services professionals, working with a MarTech expert can help you scale your revenue through maximizing your tech deployments. Through better data collection, aggregation, and action plans, you can take your brand into the new digital market with confidence and visibility—both of your brand in the public eye and a complete understanding of your valuable marketing budget.

What is MarTech?

In short, MarTech is a family of digital tools that align technology with marketing goals. These software solutions (typically SaaS) are often modular and work together with CRM portals so you can work fluidly from one place. Most of all, this offers you visibility of your results, resources, and an at-a-glance overview of all projects and contacts you have on the go.

Your MarTech stack might involve outreach tools that help aggregate customer contact information or AI platforms that help better represent your customer data through digestible formats.

From a high level, you should consider your consumer base’s size, scope, and breadth. If you are focusing on repeat traffic and engagement, it benefits you to learn the most about your customers and acquire their contact information so you can interact directly. With a high-traffic site with lots of organic traffic, you may want to research which of your pages convert most effectively and set up an effective funnel to turn those visitors into clients.

Better Data Means Better Results

Digital impressions, unlike tangible and sensory ones, leave lasting footprints through views, click-through rates, engagements, and purchases. Leveraging these insights as a small business may be easy if it is your sole focus, like following up on social media comments or sending out a newsletter as a part of your day. However, in a larger company or when your efforts are needed elsewhere, the task becomes monumental.

In cases where the data is larger than the potential for you to organize, it might be a good time to turn to MarTech for help. Optimizing your tech stack through platforms such as Hubspot can help turn your array of tech options into a single high-conversion solution for better revenue and outreach. However, with so many products on the market, why not start with a consultation?

When outsourcing your MarTech, you get the expertise, acquisition, and training at a fraction of the cost—all alongside guidance in adopting, implementing, and maximizing your use of the platforms. Just like saving through managed I.T. services, the savings through outsourcing can outpace spending in a matter of months.

Tying it All Together With Sales

Of course, your sales will be your best metric of marketing effectiveness. The best part of a strong MarTech pipeline is that your sales data will be viewable alongside your marketing content. With this comparison, you will understand and better forecast your needs, successes, and campaigns as they continue.

MarTech includes everything from organization to Facebook and Instagram Ad integration, targeting, and retargeting. Using each tool to its fullest while keeping an eye on sales metrics, spending, and overall campaign performance ensures that your tech is working for you—not the other way around.


When you’re ready to align your MarTech with your strategy, contact us at the MKC Agency. Our experience in the back end of technology and the front end of content-driven experiences make us your next choice for a powerful scaling strategy that converts.