How Much Should a B2B SaaS Company Spend on Digital Marketing?

As the adage goes, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.”

A B2B SaaS has undoubtedly explored this in the development and testing of their product but may have come across conflicting information regarding marketing their solution.

If you’re an entrepreneur who sees the potential and expansive use-case of your product but is not yet seeing the wide adoption your product deserves, it may be time to examine your marketing strategies and try some new tactics. This shift begins with reviewing your budget and the duration of your various campaigns.

If marketing isn’t your wheelhouse, you’re in luck. Today, we’re taking some time to write about how you can blend SaaS solutions with digital marketing to get your message out better and transform your conversion numbers.

Does Effective Marketing for B2B SaaS Exist?

If you think of marketing in terms of billboards, movie stingers, and skywriting, you’d be right to question if effective marketing for niched solutions exists. However, B2B SaaS marketing does, in fact, exist, and there are countless companies dedicated to translating your vision and technical highly technical product knowledge into high-conversion assets.

It makes sense when you think of the bigger picture. Marketing for SaaS and B2B services almost requires a more in-depth representation of the pains, problems, and solutions that revolve around a new product or service since they are not widely known to the average consumer.

While it may be a highly niched subject, the average B2B solution is more impactful on a person’s life than most of the Instagram marketing they’ll come across in their everyday lives simply due to the scale that B2B solutions work. This makes it essential to perfect the language, brand voice, and demonstration of your product in clear and concise ways. Luckily, this overlaps neatly with the goals of marketing!

B2B SaaS Marketing in Practice

For example, picture a waste disposal and computing software for the agricultural sector. In this environment, accurately reporting and tracking your output is critical. Surprise audits, fines, or leaks could cost a company millions of dollars, but many producers continue to work with in-house tracking and inefficient forms.

A B2B SaaS solution could help avoid these costly pitfalls, but how on earth would you make engaging content that targets that audience? More importantly, how could you ensure that the marketing content reaches the decision-makers quickly?

  • Newsletters
  • Case Studies
  • Cold Outreach
  • Automated Marketing
  • Infographics,
  • Video Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • SEO Blogs
  • Much, much more…


Those are just a few of the ideas! As with all marketing, it comes back to strategy, budgeting, and working with an agency whose experience lies in B2B strategies.

How Should I Budget for B2B SaaS Marketing

Now that you see the value of B2B SaaS marketing, we get to the more challenging question—how much should you spend on marketing?

Generally, 8%-10% of your revenue should be dedicated to digital marketing. As you grow, this number can scale. Even a quick consultation with a B2B marketing pro can ensure your landing pages and copywriting language are doing your product justice. Understand that your audience will not.

Another metric to keep in mind is time. Results don’t happen overnight, especially not with media content and organic engagement. Sticking to your plan for at least a few months (with sufficient A/B testing) will result in a more accurate picture than diverting your attention elsewhere before results have an opportunity to manifest.

During the initial campaign, you can track your spending and results. Ask questions like “Has your follower count increased?” and “What is your clickthrough rate on email content?” to get an idea of your performance. Which site pages have the most traffic?


Digging in deep to find the money to spend on digital marketing may worry some young businesses, but it is necessary to grow. Think of it like publishing a novel—where finding someone to share your work is almost as hard as creating the art in the first place.

For assistance with your digital marketing strategy or an intro to the process, you can take on yourself, consider booking a meeting with our agency. Our fluency in technology solutions, scaling methods, and industry knowledge make us your next companion for marketing your B2B SaaS solution on the global stage.