How MKC Transformed Telecom One’s Digital Presence and Boosted Sales

How MKC Transformed Telecom One’s Digital Presence and Boosted Sales

Telecom One, a Wisconsin-based unified communication solution provider, faced a dilemma. Despite offering superior services and helping clients streamline communication with potential savings, their sales lacked momentum. With an in-house sales representative who was underperforming and no new leads in the horizon, they knew something had to change.


Enter MKC.


Discovering MKC

Telecom One’s discovery of MKC was serendipitous, initiated by a simple email from Megan. Captivated by Megan’s intricate understanding of the telecom industry and her team’s expertise, they took a leap of faith. They were drawn to MKC’s competitive pricing, consulting prowess, and the unique “start small” approach to nurture the partnership over time.

Transitioning to Transformation

Telecom One’s journey with MKC was marked by seamless implementation. Megan and her team ensured a smooth transition, assisting with CRM setup on Glasshive and helping navigate challenges, like getting their Google Business profile established.

With MKC’s handholding, Telecom One launched a vibrant new website that not only garnered internal applause but won admiration from their clientele. The clear communication of services was an evident win.

Beyond Web Development: A Holistic Strategy

However, the magic didn’t stop at web development. MKC infused life into Telecom One’s dormant LinkedIn page, providing compelling copy and graphics. Dedicated landing pages and insightful resources, like case studies and whitepapers, were woven into Telecom One’s outbound strategy. The results? An impressive 87% spike in website traffic and an 84% surge in LinkedIn followers in just a month. And most importantly, the sales pipeline added an MRR of 1500.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Tenacity

But what really sets MKC apart is their unyielding commitment to their clients. Whether it was advocating for Telecom One with Google or ensuring the best cold caller was on their account, MKC went the extra mile. Their deep industry understanding, fair pricing, flexibility, and unmatched support, coupled with a dash of humor, left a lasting impression on Telecom One. As Andrew Ohlsson, the Director of Sales at Telecom One, succinctly puts it, “Megan has been a breath of fresh air…Thank you, Megan and your team, for all the support!”

Looking Ahead

Telecom One’s collaboration with MKC isn’t just a project; it’s a growing partnership. From an initial outbound engine package, they’ve already expanded to content creation, website revamp, and social media content. Their journey is a testament to MKC’s adaptable and holistic approach.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

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