Getting Started with Email Marketing

8 Hot Tips For Getting Started With Email Marketing

MK Consulting is back-back-back again with more magical marketing tips to help you navigate better communication with your clients. This time, we’ve got 9 easy, punchy tips to:

Choose an email marketing service provider

There are so many out there! And it’s important to find a provider that will engage your clients and create innovative campaigns that ensure they return. Do your research on all the available options based on your industry, budget, and long-term goals.

Set up your welcome email

Keep it friendly, warm and approachable.  You can expect a higher than average open rate for your welcome email, so make sure you’re delivering value right away to attract your prospect’s interest from the outset!

Create a reusable email template

This is a no-brainer, time-save! Creating a reusable template that is branded to your company makes sense, and all email marketing platforms offer this. However, it takes an aesthetic and experienced lens to know what strategies work for your business. MK Consulting works with various email marketing platforms and can develop a tailored plan customized to your business. Book a consultation if you want to know more!

Practice writing persuasive messages

Writing is an art, and all art takes practice. In your spare time, practice writing persuasive messages and get creative – bust out your thesaurus and discover some new synonyms.

Spend time writing creative subject lines

Boring subjects are just that – yawn! And do you ever open up emails with dull subject lines – not unless you have, right? Do your prospects and clients a favour and create subject lines that will instantly want them to engage with your content by opening up your email. The open rate will also affect your tracking statistics, so think of your subject line like a first impression – it’s everything!

Preview preview preview!

So you’ve created your email in your email marketing platform of choice and you feel like you’re ready to send it – but wait! Have you done a preview of your message? Sending a test preview will show you how your message appears to a recipient and will reveal any formatting issues, missing links, or empty content.

Send your email

Ready to send? Great! Giv’er! Ensure you are sending your email during business hours to increase the likelihood that your email is opened and doesn’t get lost in the overnight pile.


Paying attention to your email metrics is essential. If you want to see real results from your email marketing, you need a strong understanding of how each email performs so you can make improvements and learn more about your customers and subscribers. Want to learn to really make an impact? MK Consulting knows the way!

Enjoyed my tips and tricks? Delegate your email marketing to MKC!