Finding the Perfect Match: The Art of Right Person, Right Seat in Outsourced Sales Partnerships

In the world of outsourced sales and marketing, the difference between a thriving partnership and a disappointing endeavor often hinges on one critical concept: ensuring you have the right person in the right seat. At MKC Agency, we don’t just believe in this principle; we live by it. Our mission to scale 100 MSPs’ revenue with ethical sales and marketing practices starts with aligning our team’s talents and passions with the needs and culture of our clients. As Megan Killion, our chief consultant at MKC Agency, often says, “It’s not just about the skills; it’s about the fit.”

Understanding “Right Person, Right Seat”:

The “Right Person, Right Seat” (RPRS) concept is rooted in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a set of simple, practical tools that help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. But what does it mean? Simply put, the “right person” shares your company’s values and fits into its culture. The “right seat” means they possess the skills and traits needed to excel in their specific role.

The Importance of Cultural and Personality Fit:

When considering outsourced sales partnerships, MSPs must look beyond mere qualifications and experience. The essence of a successful partnership lies in the alignment of values, work ethic, and company culture. This alignment ensures that the outsourced sales professional not only excels in their role but also becomes a seamless extension of your team. At MKC Agency, we prioritize understanding your unique culture and needs, ensuring our Fractional SDRs are not just top performers but the right fit for YOUR organization.

EOS and the Right Person, Right Seat Philosophy:

Adopting the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework, MKC Agency applies the “Right Person, Right Seat” principle to every partnership we forge. This methodology isn’t just about having the right skills; it’s about sharing core values and fitting into the specific role within the company. This approach ensures that our Fractional SDRs are not only proficient in sales and lead generation but also align with your MSP’s vision, mission, and core values, fostering a productive and harmonious working relationship.

The MKC Approach to RPRS in Outsourced Sales Partnerships:

At MKC Agency, led by our chief consultant Megan Killion, we take this concept to heart, especially when it comes to forging outsourced sales partnerships.

  • Cultural and Personality Fit: We believe that a successful outsourced sales partnership is not just about skill sets; it’s about finding a match that resonates with your company’s culture and values. Our team is a diverse mix of talent, passion, and creativity, ready to align with your mission.
  • Skills and Experience Match: Our rigorous selection process ensures that we partner you with sales professionals who don’t just have the skills but also the industry-specific knowledge—especially in the MSP sector—to drive your growth.
  • The Importance of GWC (Get it, Want it, Capacity to do it): Beyond RPRS, we apply the GWC framework from EOS, which stands for Get it, Want it, and Capacity to do it. This ensures that our outsourced sales partners not only understand and are passionate about their role but also possess the capacity to excel in it.

The Impact of Getting It Right:

Our commitment to RPRS and GWC has led to tangible success stories. For instance, our partnership with Telecom One resulted in setting six meetings with business decision-makers, facilitating 145 qualified leads, 110 meetings, 20 opportunities, and closing 3 deals, equating to $9,500 in new MRR, with an additional $18,608/mo in MRR in the pipeline. These numbers are a testament to what happens when the right person finds their perfect seat.


Why RPRS Matters for Your MSP:

  • Aligning with a sales partner who embodies the RPRS principle can transform your MSP’s approach to sales and marketing.
  • It ensures a seamless integration of outsourced functions with your in-house efforts, leading to enhanced productivity and growth.


The MKC Agency Difference:

Why does this matter? Because in the competitive landscape of B2B tech and MSP markets, having a sales team that resonates with your brand’s ethos is crucial. Our deep knowledge of sales, lead generation, and the MSP industry, combined with our commitment to ethical marketing and elevating marginalized talent, sets us apart. We understand that the success of your outsourcing effort hinges on more than just numbers; it’s about building relationships and trust with your clients, something only the right person in the right seat can achieve.

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In the quest for outsourced sales excellence, the right person in the right seat makes all the difference. At MKC Agency, we’re not just about filling roles; we’re about forging partnerships that propel your MSP to new heights. Let’s embark on this journey together.